When to transition baby to crib?

So, we’re wanting to try to transfer baby from our bed. She’s 4 months old. She’s slept with us since about a month and a half—no device she’s in, just on my chest or scooped in one side of arm(I’m a light sleeper). We have tried twice to do normal bed routine(bath, bottle, bed in low lighting with white noise) then lay her in bassinet instead, but she treats like a nap and is it up in 30 min and won’t go back down. Any tips? We have a co-sleeper bassinet to maybe slowly move her away from bed and my arms? Or should we skip that and go directly to crib? I’ve heard they shouldn’t “cry it out” before 6 months. Should we try now? If so, how? Or should we wait a couple months? She’s currently sleeping 930/10p-5/6a, eats then back out until 930/10a. Any tips would help and please no negativity.


I don’t have any tips mama , we tried for months and no luck here ! She’s 16months old and sleeps scooped in my arm still :woman_facepalming:t2:. Hopefully you have better luck !


Oh your screwed lol not really but it’s tough to move them. We got our youngest moved to her own bed around that age to her own crib I our room. It took lots of work and sleepless nights. She is now almost 3 and climes in our bed every night. She is a cuddler.

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This was honestly one of the hardest things with my little guy (he’s 2 now) but I started with slowly inching him away then when he was about 6/7 months we worked with letting him cry it out (was a constant struggle cause we shared a room anyways) but with steady persistence he sleeps in his own bed unless he’s really not feeling well. Hoped this could help a bit n wish you the best of luck with it

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My baby is 3 months and I’m trying the same thing. Lol I attempted cry it out but after like 3 minutes. I can’t take it anymore. She’s just so sad. So I give in. Lol with my first baby, it was easy. She slept in her crib just fine after 6ish months. She’s now 5 and sleeps in her own bed no problems

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Lol well i coslept with my daughter(first born) for the longest. We both used eachother as a security. With my second i tried the other route only bassinet, crib. My daughter is 5 going on 6, my son is 3. Both have separate rooms. Both go to sleep in their own beds. But i still get woke up with two children on me. (They always find me no matter where i am in the middle of the night.) So… I guess try as best as you can. Soon enough they will be to old to want to sleep with mommy. So soak it all in. :heart:


And i wouldnt do cry it out on a four month old. They wouldnt understand. All they know is when i really need mommy i cry and she will help me. Make sure baby is asleep before laying down, with one of your shirts on the tummy so the baby is comforted by your scent.


My lo is 4 months sleeps from 8:30- 5 wakes up . Bottle and she goes back to sleep. I have her in own crib. Some days she will “cat” nap as I call it some days she sleeps . They are going through changes . I’m happy she just sleeeps pretty much the whole night. As my oldest didn’t.

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Our little one is almost a year and still in with us. I both love and hate it! Good luck with the transition though!

My son was the same way the first couple of months… I know everybody is against it and I’m probably gonna catch 9kinds for this. Put her on her belly in the crib… It’s apparently comfortable for her. I raised one end of the crib (my son’s doctors recommend that you place a wood block under the legs) and she’s old enough to turn her own head . Now my son only needs mommy when he doesn’t feel good and he is almost 8 months old.

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My baby is 17 months old and I just started the transition on Sunday. I do bath time for 20 minutes, give him his baba and then give him his binky. I lay him on his bed and walk away. The first day was hell. It took him 3 hours of crying and screaming. I would go in and rub his face and back to reassure him and gave him kisses and walk back out of the room. It broke my heart cause all I wanted was to hold him and take him back to bed with me. But after 3 hours he got the idea and fell asleep. He woke up a few times during the night and same thing. I would go and kiss his head and rub his face and back. Tell him it was night night and he would fall back asleep. Last night he didn’t even fight that long. Took me 20 minutes top for him to stop crying. But he slept through the night in his bed, didn’t even wake up once

A couple suggestions:
Maybe have something in her crib or bassinet that smells like you.
Don’t be the one to put her down for the night.
This one sucks but just suck it up for a couple of nights and every time she wakes up in her crib comfort her, get her back to sleep, and leave the room. Eventually when you go to comfort her don’t pick her up just rub her back, talk to her, whatever. You may not sleep these nights but it will be worth it in the long run. And whatever you do don’t take her back to your bed or you will be worse off than you when you started.


Lay on a blanket to warm it up so when you lay her down it’s warm, I also wore a singlet for a few days and tucked it in where her head would be for the smell. Swaddles! At that age help. Try in the bassinet and be persistent, if she cries pick her up get her back to sleep or just about to sleep and lay her down again.

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You are holding her too much and she doesn’t know how to be seperate from you. During the daytime put her in a bouncer or swing and start giving her floor/tummy time on the floor

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Try a snuggle nest first to establish separation then move to bassinet then out of the room or continue with the routine you have established and keep at it. It will take a awhile and have her take naps in her crib during the day so she is used to the crib if you dont already! Repetition eventually she will get it! Dont give up

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Maybe try one of those womb sounds or heartbeat bears.

I breastfed my littlest and we would fall asleep in my bed together. I finally transferred her to a pack n play in my room which we still are in now

My son was the same. He would only sleep if I swaddled him. My oldest I even had to double swaddle because he would wiggle an arm out before I made it to the door.

I wpuld go right to the crib. She needs to get use to it. Shes old enough to be in there on her own. Learning independance is important. Ita a small thing…but its important. It will be hard first few days…but it will happen if u keep a tight routine and stick to it.


When your baby wakes up at night time, keep the room dark and quiet, don’t talk and try not to make eye contact… hearing your voice and making eye contact with you alerts them and wakes them up, I did this with my boy and he is so good at knowing the difference between night and day :blush: just pick her up and comfort her back to sleep


She’s way too young to cry it out. 4 months old is still a small baby and they don’t usually have great sleeping patterns. My youngest is 1 and we’re just able to put her in her crib after she falls asleep. It’s been a transition but her crib is right next to our bed

I have no advice for moving them, but want to say all of my kids coslept with me. My oldest is in honors college very independent will be 19 Friday. They all slept with me till 3/4. I have a 4 year old and almost 5 mo old in our bed every night. I breastfed all 4 it was easier on me and they are only little once. Babies cry when they need something and they learn by being comforted, you aren’t holding that baby too much. My kids are very independent (19,11,4) and constantly want to do everything by themselves except the 5 mo old of course. He sleeps in a cosleeper or the swing during the day & occasionally falls asleep laying on the bed while I’m doing things in our room. At the sitter’s he sleeps in a pack n play or falls asleep on the floor. My 4 yr old will sleep with his sister when home from college. Best wishes on moving the baby I’d try cosleeper in your room or pack n play to slowly transition them to own bed/room. Do what works best for you, might be lot of trial and error to find what works best for your little one and you.


My last baby slept sideways across the bed with his feet jammed into my stomach until he was a year old lol. No advice here…

Why the fuck do people still co-sleep knowing so many babies have died because of it?

Put a small blanket on you when you put her down… Or a shirt that smells like you let her fall asleep thwn move her with the shirt or blanket into the crib. Worked with my little ones.

Try baby magic lavender soap and the lotion massage her with it after bath warm bottle and rock her and yes try the co sleeper bassinet and try swaddling

I was successful in 3 days of combining the cry it out method and the pick up put down method… let them cry for 2minutes go and cuddle and soothe then put back and increase the crying by a minute each time up to 5mins. the first night took over and hour of this repeating the second was 25 minutes and the third night was 7minutes and now he’s 3 and sleeps soundly for 13-14 hours at night

Have you swaddled ever? I didn’t swaddle my first 2 and they would only manage to sleep an hour or so in their bassinet as well. My third now I’m swaddling and he sleeps 4 hours in there no problem

My 3 month old daughter falls asleep either while I’m giving her her nighttime bottle or laying on my bed next to me or in her swing. I let her sleep abt 15 min then move her to her swing(unless she’s in it) then after abt half an hour put her in her bassinet in her room. And she sleeps all night. We also have a blanket that smells like me and her dad that we use if she has one of her nights where she doesn’t want to sleep

Keep some kind of background noise going maybe

Right to crib In own room. Four months is not to young to let cry for 5-10 min so by the time she is six months to a year you won’t be going through this then. I slept with them downstairs in a bassinet for the first 1-2 months because my husband is a loud and heavy sleeper and always woke the baby up at night. So after about 2 months I put them in their own room in crib. My youngest it 1.5 and sleeps through the night. At first you have to be patient and it may take a while. Consistency is they key

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Feed some baby cereal before last bottle.

I think she’s way too young to cry it out I’d go straight to the crib and just keep trying to make her sleep in there repetition is key it might be hard but you can totally do it

Soft Ferber method let her cry for about 3 minutes, then go in and rub her chest to reassure her you are still there. Repeat until she goes to sleep if she thinks you will pick her up Everytime she cries she will continue to cry and never learn to sleep solo.

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