When to transition to toddler bed?

My daughter will be one on the 26th and a friend gave us a brand new toddler bed… when is the right time to do the switch from crib to toddler bed?


When youre comfortable.

When she can climb out of the crib haha. That’s when I did anyways

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Just got my son a toddler bed today smnd he is 1 1/2.

We waited until she tried climbing out of her crib, which was just a couple months before her second birthday. Transitioning was easy, besides telling her bedtime meant stay in bed. Lol


We transitioned my twin boys at 3. We kept them in their cribs as long as we could, until they started climbing out.

Mine all transitioned at 12-18 months.

I put my daughter in hers at age 1… she was climbing out of her crib.

I did it at a year old

When you need her old bed, when they keep climbing out of other bed. When you csn let bgg them go be grown

I did at 2. She got a bed and and her favorite Disney movie bedset.

My daughter was 1 and she was walking and able to get herself in and out. As long as shes good and can handle that than no worries. And shell be fine.

When they are escaping the crib. I’d wait at least 6m

We transitioned at about 1.5yo. He’s a bigger boy and didn’t want to wait till he could get out on his own. He’s done awesome. We started the ok to wake clock about 3 weeks before the switch and he’s been fine since. We also moved at the time of transition so that was a big part of it. He got a big boy bed that the picked out the bedding for. Now even if he wakes up a hour before his clock turns green he will lay in bed or play in his room till it’s time to get up!

Once they are able to climb in and out of the bed safely

When shes independently mobile (walking, climbing, etc) or whenever she started crawling out of her crib (the method i used for my boys) which can range anywhere from 18mos to 3.5yrs in my experience lol

My mom always said ‘when they can get up and down a sofa unaided’

My 17 month old just did it last week we have had a toddler bed since Christmas set up in her room and she would get use to it and then she started climbing out of her pack and play and it was time to transition and she has done amazing so far

My little girl was 1. She crawled out of her crib so the bed was safer

We did at 1 and it was amazing for us

My son was 16 months when he went to one. My daughter is almost 2 1/2 still in crib. We tried toddler bed but she wasn’t comfortable.

When they start climbing out

We did at 10.5 months. Wish we did it sooner she hated her crib and would never stay asleep and was so hard to get her in. Got her a floor bed and she loves to go to bed now and lasts a lot longer