When trick or treating, what do you with your toddler who is potty training?

What do yall do when you are out trick or treating, but you are also potty training?


If its a boy i bring a water bottle(empty) have him pee in it in the car so i dont have to take him to public bathrooms.

While potty training and out and about I’d put her in a pull-up, she learned to not soil it (didn’t like feeling wet) and hold on til we were home, we were never out more than a cpl hrs tho.


The same thing you do when you go anywhere with them while potty training?


Stay close to home, have her go before and pray! Lol

Even with kids who are “trained” before we leave the house we go to the bathroom and then right away when we get home.
Even as an adult my bladder is run by a clock. Right away in the morning (630 am) after my morning break at work (1030 am, and yes at home too) after lunch (2-230pm) before supper (430-530pm) and after supper (8ishpm)and then right before bed (10-11pm) my kids are pretty similar too.

Travel potty that has absorbent bags. I still keep it in my car just in case. You can find it on amazon.

I keep a toddler training potty (floor potty) in my car always. So when she needs to go, she can. My daughter is three but was potty trained at a year and a half and I still travel with it. And if she used it, I clean it out and wipe it down right after. And then bleach solution clean when home and back in my car it goes.

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Don’t go trick or treating as there’s a pandemic??


Carry a potty with you

Have kiddo go b4 then if have a baby potty bring as a just in case.

This is what you do… happened to us. She just turned two and barely potty trained. Go before you go. Yup. Only going to close neighbors/friends. She was two no need for being out for hours. Well if course she had to potty told daddy he picked her up and ran home. Whoops didn’t make it. He showered she gotbath and talked about what fun she had .

How long do you think a toddler can trick or treat? Go before. You’ll be gone maybe at the most an hour


How did we ever survive parenting before we could ask for advice on such serious topics on Facebook?


Go before you head out and put her in a pull. Maybe go around the block and then come back to go potty again

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This covid19 is going around why would you bring your child trick or treating

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Maybe if you have room in the vehicle bring a potty chair with you just in case

No, no, no pull up. Going back to pull ups = regression. Just go before and if there’s an accident head home. That’s how they learn

sounds like a good time for a pull up


Pee before you leave. Kid should be able to last an hour. And we just go around our block and up the street, so only a few minutes from home if need be.

There’s a pandemic. So you don’t have to worry about it this year.

You put them in a pull up and roll!