When were you comfortable being intimate after birth?

How long did it take you not to feel uncomfortable being intimate after giving birth? its been 7 weeks for me and it still hurts so bad


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When were you comfortable being intimate after birth?

First baby 5 months, he tore me though. Second baby 8 weeks

2 months. But everyone body is completely different in a healing process. Just give yourself time to heal and don’t push yourself

Tell that man he can wait. You need to take care of yourself. If it hurts don’t do it.


Don’t do Anything your not ready for yet, everyone’s body is different, & everyone’s timing is also different.


Probably about 2 months

It was like 3 or 4 months with my first, after he tore me. It was within the first 2 weeks with my second. Take things easy, everyone heals at different paces. You could prolong the healing process and keep intimacy uncomfortable if you don’t allow your body to heal

We say 6to 8weeks but it could be longer

Then you’re not ready. It may be 2 months or maybe 3, let you doctor or NP know so they can make sure you’re healthy. Also ley your partner know you’re not ready, but that you love and adore them. Don’t beat yourself up. Your body made another human being, you gave birth and now you need time to heal.


Both time’s 3 month’s I was scared wanted to sure I was healed, I didn’t think of sex or anything. My mind was on getting better, take care yourself first.

It took months to feel totally comfortable. Take it slow and easy and don’t push yourself. You’re still healing :heart:


6 months with my first baby. 2 months for the 2nd&3rd

I honestly don’t remember lol (oldest is 22, youngest is 15) but 7 weeks isn’t that long. Just be patient with yourself and talk to your doctor if you have concerns.

Supposed to wait 6 weeks after child birth. Doesn’t matter if it was vaginally or a c section. Give your uterus time to heal.
Probably won’t feel any better for another few weeks.


I only needed one stitch and we waited 8 weeks…and still needed LOTS of lube at first. Now it’s been 9 months and my libido has finally returned, so it’s gotten a lot better, but we still need the lube every now and then.

Listen to your body. Nothing no one tells you on a time frame will be the same for you. If it’s hurting after then normal time from of 6 weeks that your doctor gives you let them know


it’s been 2&1/2 years and i swear sometimes it still feels like i have my stitches :tired_face:

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My 3rd took 4/5 months it took long time I just thought due to I was older with that pregnancy and my 1st &2nd like 6 week I was fine now I’m pregnant and my 4th and last I hope I’m ok soon after but I’ll wait as long as my body needs too

With my first 5 weeks and it was slightly painful but after we got going it was better, then with my second I was fine after 3 weeks. Sometimes it takes longer for some people try lubricant, and talk to your doctor.

With my first I was maybe about 6 months postpartum when this felt “normal” again. With my second recovery was a lot quicker so it only took a few months. But it’s definitely different for everyone!

8 months with my first.
2 weeks with my second.

My 1st was 4 weeks but second i wanna say was around 2 months

I had to be stitched up and I have scar tissue that needs to be taken off. Do a little research and tall to your gyno. It’s very common.

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It took a while after my 1st probably 3-4 months for it to feel comfortable for me.but he was a big baby and I had an episiotomy so give yourself time. Lots.of.lube

I waited about three months postpartum

It was about 6 months till I was able to, then 6 more months till being intimate stopped hurting

9 weeks with my first. I was single mom with second. So i waitwd like 6 months. And then with my 3rd i waited only like 4 or 5 weeks :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Don’t ask me because I only waited 2 weeks after my 3rd child. 2 days with my 4th. :joy:


The medical consensus is 9 -10 weeks
Post natal or when you are ready
You need to give your body a chance to recover not only from
The pregnancy but also child birth


I was pregnant with my 3rd child at my 2nd child’s 6 week check up!

Remember you are highly fertile after having a baby :grinning:


I’m 15 months PP and please don’t touch me…just go away because it hurts so bad…


I didn’t until after my 8 weeks and the first time we had to stop because I just kept thinking it would hurt so I was so uncomfortable.

3 weeks after my first c section. 6 weeks after my second just because I healed a lot slower this time

5-6 weeks. If you’re hurting you should get checked to make sure everything is healing okay

With my first I waited 4 weeks. I had seen my doctor and was given the okay. My second I wasn’t ready for a couple months due to abdominal pain (emergency C-section). With my third we attempted around 6 weeks after given the okay, but I was uncomfortable so we waited another week.

6 weeks is the minimum for internal healing to prevent infection. But personal recovery can take far longer. If you aren’t ready yet communicate that with your partner


A year and some months

Took at least 10 weeks for me, had nothing to do with pain. I just wasn’t mentally ready and I wanted my body to my own for a bit. My husband was amazing and never pressured me once. I truly picked a gem.

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With my first it took about 6 months or so due to pain. My second I was okay after 4 weeks

I think the least amount of time I waited to have sex again after birth was 4 weeks. We were just careful nothing rough or anything cuz I was still tender.

Each kid was different for me. The longest was about 6 weeks. My husband didn’t push or pressure me to be ready and even when I said I was ready, he made sure to be extra romantic, made me feel sexy and was super gentle to make sure I was ready. Your body will be ready when it’s ready; don’t push it and maybe if you are craving intimacy, but just aren’t ready for penetrative sexual activity you and your husband can have other forms of gratification, make out sessions, maybe a full body massage by candlelight. Your body is still healing and every body is different. If you are concerned about it still being painful, call your gyno; you could have an infection or aren’t healing right.

Practice your pelvic exercises

As soon as that bloods gone I’m away again lol

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