When were you fully effaced?

Currently 37 + 2 and ftm and was wondering how long did it take other mamas to reach full effacement? I’m currently 2 cm and 70%


Im a ftm too but at 36 weeks 5 days. Was told im 1cm dilated and 60% effaced. She told more likely between Tuesday and Saturday (more so Tuesday) my little one will be here. Im guessing it takes 2 day for 10% to be added. Good luck :blush:

I waa 40 weeks and still not dialated at all. Then at 40 qeeks 4 days i woke up with contractions 1 min apart and got tp the hospital and was 5 cm already. 1 hour later it was time to push. Everyone is different.

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I was only 2cm with contractions and then fully dilated 13hrs later and pushed 2hrs after that.

I was 4cm for 4 weeks don’t get your hopes up


I was 1cm & 70% effaced at 35 weeks. Gave birth on my 37th. FTM

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Can it be added that I’m not asking how long it takes for dilation but how long it takes for 100% effacement

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