When will I start dilating?

Hey mommas! Im 36 wks and had a cervical check today. My dr said my cervix is very soft but not dialated yet. Can be anytime that I start dialating. Is it normal to be this sore after just touching my cervix? I took a hot bath and using a heating pad, still very sore. No spotting or discharge. Just uncomfortable and feel as if my pelvic region is tender and bruised


I was sore every time

Getting my cervix checked was one of the worst parts while being pregnant, I had one dr that actually did it where I wasnt sore or anything but every other time I was.

I bled every time with my son and was super sore

Very common for that to happen…with my son and first daughter I went to the the same and they rotated doctors every visit because which ever doctor was on call was going to deliver your baby…but anyways I always dreaded one of the male doctors when it was time to check my cervix…felt bruised and then with my second he actually stripped my membranes and that was way worse…about sent me through the ceiling…he wasn’t be careless or anything he just had big hands

I had the same 36 week app today and was told the same thing! I can barely walk! Took a hot bath also! I feel the same way :tired_face:

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I felt that way after every cervix check!

I was sore after the first pap I had

Very normal. Me and everyone i knew had that problem. Doc says perfectly normal and very common