When will my OB schedule my c-section?

I know I’m going to have a c section again due to health reasons . My last one was emergency so I didn’t schedule it. I know it will be a little different for everyone but around when did your OB schedule yours?

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34 weeks but it depends on how far out the hospital will let them schedule it here I know.

39 weeks and omg it was sooooo much better being planned and the 2nd time around! I’d do it again in a heart beat!

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I was told they would schudle it at 34 weeks to do it at 38 weeks but my lil man came at 32 weeks

Schedule it at your next appointment. After having an emergency csection I found that it put my mind at ease knowing what date and time. Prayers for a much different experience for you this time around.

One week before due date.
And my first one was a failed inducement and ended up being a c-section last minute. And the second was scheduled (I make big babies I guess lol) and it was so much better!! Had time to prepare for what was going to happen.

About 3 weeks b4 i deliver at 39 weeks

They scheduled mine at 39 weeks and my son decided to come the day before the scheduled c section. Still had him via c section just on his own time.

My sister in law is having her 3rd scheduled csection all of hers where 37 weeks

My OB has scheduled both of mine at 35 weeks (scheduled for 37 weeks), but it was moreso to see how everything was progressing before we made the final decision on the date.

Mine was scheduled last week (32 weeks) for 37 weeks

My OB scheduled mine around 34-35 weeks. I was scheduled to have him the day I hit 39 weeks but he came on his own 3 days before my scheduled date

My first was emergency, my second I never got scheduled because they wouldn’t allow me to, and they ended up doing an emergency anyway at 36 weeks (I was suppose to be delivered no later than 37+6). With my last one they finally allowed me to schedule sometime during 35 weeks if I remember correctly. Scheduled section was on 36+2.

My OB let me choose any date i wanrted between 39-40 weeks, we set the date when i was 37 weeks. My 1st was an emergency c section as well and let me tell u scheduling the 2nd and having everything planed made my recovery sooooo much easier and quicker than the 1st. Best of luck!

I didn’t have a scheduled one. My first was an emergency. He waited until I was in hard labor to do it. My last 3 were "v-back’. Vaginal birth after c-section. I was in labor 4 hours and baby out. No pain afterwards. I liked it better than c section.

39 weeks is usually when they will schedule it for due to the longer in the better off the baby is

A week from my due date.

We scheduled it at 36 weeks for 39 weeks my csection is actually in about 2 weeks and 3 days

In the US they legally cant before 39wks as far as i know. Unless theres an underlying medical issue with mom or baby. If you go into labor before that, then theyll just do the C then.

I had mine scheduled for 37 weeks because of non pregnancy related health problems

My csection was scheduled at 26 weeks along but we also talked about it at my first appointment because of health problems. I’ll be having him at 39 weeks

First thing in the morning at 39 weeks

The insurance won’t cover it before 39w0d, unless there is medical necessity(severe preeclampsia, fetal decel, etc.) to do it sooner. In that case, most OBs won’t do it sooner than 37w0d. If you’re asking when they will give you the date of the surgery, most insurance companies with prior authorize a procedure up to 6 months prior to the scheduled date.

At about 30 weeks. . Rescheduled at 35 weeks. . With my youngest. . (I had been in active labor and strict bedrest since 22 weeks)

With my 10 yr old. . At about 35 weeks…

My oldest was a failed induction/emergency c section at 44 weeks 3 days…

My body refused to labor.

At 30 weeks after my last ultrasound my dr scheduled it for 39 weeks. We both know I wont make it til then but that’s the earliest we can schedule here

My first was an emergency. My second was scheduled at 39 weeks. It was so lovely. :pray::heart:

Mine was scheduled 5 days before my due date.