Where can I find comfortable princess dresses?

Where can I find comfortable princess dress up dresses? My daughter doesn’t like anything scratchy, but loves to dress up


I always get them on Amazon.

I just saw some at Burlington yesterday

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Bella and Omi, Evie’s closet, Eliza Cate and co

Modify thrift store dresses.

Look for polyester , cotton on the back in them. It’s when they aren’t lined with something they itch. For example that sparkly material and sequins are very scratchy but with a velvet polyester backing they are unnoticed. You gotta feel them. :smiling_face:

We wear a tee shirt or long sleeve under the scratchy ones


I ended up making them🤭. You can then buy fabrics your kid loves and actually cheaper too. You can buy princess dress patterns. I made Rapunzel and Belle just using regular patterns and adapting the colours.