Where can I find these items for a gender reveal?

Hi!! Did anyone purchase powder cannon tubes, or “smoke bombs” for a gender reveal party?! If so, where did you get them? I found some on Amazon, but the reviews are saying the smoke only lasted 5 seconds, and it was a very light color/hard to see. Also, any other gender reveals ideas that would be appreciated!!


Party city. Walmart. Target

I did the tannerite I’ll try to find a pic

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We did a burnout. Color on the tires. Not powder by the tires.

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The balloons inside pop out when the box is opened

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Hobby lobby has the confetti shooters. We did the smoke bomb ones and they were more of a mess than worth it.

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Etsy . Order mine from there . They lasted probably 3-4m I had a boy first it came out light the first 5secs and then it got really bright blue.

I did tannerite. Smoke was brightly colored and lasted a good minute or so

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Depends on what you want to spend money wise. I’ve made cakes, cute,cheap and easy and who does like cake at a party??

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Fireworks stores. A lot are opened year round

Firework stores. Smoke bombs. They come in packs to make more smoke. Party city doesn’t have them

We did a robin egg we broke open that had blue confetti inside

A lot of private scan places like peek-a-baby sell them

Etsy !! You can find basically anything you’re looking for. We shot a hockey puck for ours. You can do anything sports or anything you want to explode with colour powder.

I had powder and confetti cannons for mine got at party city, they had smoke bombs and fireworks the cake kind that u lit for gender reveals at the major fire work stores

We did an egg gender reveal for ours much more fun and suspenseful :grin:

We had two pinatas for mine. One pink and one blue and we each hit them and the one with the gender was filled with balloons and things.

We did a cake with the middle hollowed out, and filled with pink or blue candy

Hobby lobby! And they come in two!

Also, try Pinterest for other ideas!