Where can I get a tubal reversal without losing weight?

I’ve had my tubes tied for an out three years now; I want to get a tubal ligation reversal. There is this doctor’s office in California that has approved me, but I have to weigh no more than 181 lbs. I currently weigh 220 lbs. Does anyone know anywhere in Arizona that doesn’t have a weight/BMI requirement for surgery??


I’d suggest loosing weight first. Its safer


Its not safe, or likely to work without complications. Lowering the BMI is the safest thing for your body, recovery and success.


After just having a c-section they put me on blood thinners for clotting because I was 220 so my bmi was 30 . I had a baby 2 years ago at 215 and don’t need blood thinners so I would be careful .

Most wont do it because of the added risks of being overweight. If you are wanting to have a kid you should want to be as healthy as possible anyways.


Just lose the weight


Wow those of you saying just loe weight seem rude. I am not saying being overweight is good but I get told by my doctor all th time that I shouldn’t weigh more than 140 pounds and I am 5 foot 10 and weigh 198 I don’t look fat my BMI math is high but I barely have excessive fat sooooo explain it


There’s a reason they want you to lose. I battled my drs for years and the second I did lose I had way less issues and complications


Um lose the weight they do it for a reason. Wtf people.


The fact that you would look for another doctor instead of trying to lose the 40 lbs says a lot about you and the choices you’re making right now. I don’t think what you need is another child. I think you probably need to take a good hard look at yourself instead. Maybe get some help to find out why the mere chance of having another child is more important than your health and survival. Also why do you think if you’re not healthy enough for the surgery that you’re healthy enough to ovulate properly and carry a pregnancy to term? That sounds like a pretty unreasonable goal to put your health in jeopardy for. This question just reads like a big red flag to me. That’s just my opinion though. :woman_shrugging:t3: Good luck with whatever you decide.


Its there for a reason do you want to end up dead.


Weight is due to risks in the operation, i doubt anyone will go ahead without u loosing weight


Careful my uncle got told no for getting his stomach stapled and went to one who’d do it without weight requirement. It killed him. There’s a reason they say to lose weight first. It’s for your health


Lose the weight you’ll be glad you did


I haven’t never heard of that before till now I had fibroid move from my uterus in 2018 but it was like a C-section to get it out then I weighed 250 and the doctor never said nothing to me about losing weight but I have found after several bad things that have happened over the past two years I couldn’t lose weight but then after all the stuff happened I started losing weight because I wasn’t eating and I went from 270 down to 224 but was only eating two or three times a week after several months my appetite came back and I regained more than what I was that’s the only way I’ve ever been able to lose weight and as far as the tubal ligation reversal I had mine tied in 2000 2001 after a few years I went back and told the doctor same doctor I had tied my tubes to see how I would attach them he ended up going back in and I found out after surgery that he had tried to put them back together but one of them was too short never did get pregnant again and that was the worst mistake of my life was getting my tubes tied if the doctor wants you to lose weight to have the surgery best thing is to try to do it that way you don’t have complications or anything like that

You can definitely do some research and see why it is that surgeons will not touch someone above a certain BMI. Statistically it leads to way more complications and a higher risk of death. If you are having issues losing weight I would definitely talk to your PCP or a dietician and they can help you reach your goal in a healthy, safe way. Not to mention, if you are going to carry a baby, getting to a healthier BMI will give you not only a better chance of conception and a healthy pregnancy, but can prevent issues during/ after pregnancy could be potentially life threatening for you AND the baby. It stinks that you are facing this hurdle, but you can do it!


Work out and lose the weight… they won’t do the operation for critical reasons wth.


There’s a maximum weight requirement for a reason… a health risk reason. I mean are you serious right now?


Why wouldn’t you want to lose weight if that’s suggested by a doctor? And if you’re trying to have another baby you would definitely need to lose weight because obviously you’re going to gain weight if you’re choosing to have a child.


Lose the weight to lower your risks. Your health should be important.

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Rio Bravo will do the surgery with high bmi and it’s likely a lot cheaper.

It’s been said “It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.” Maybe get some therapy/counseling to find out the root/s of your excess weight gain. And find a weight loss plan that works on your mind as well as your body. (Noom? Ask your doc for suggestions.)

How will you be able to run after a toddler and have the quick reflexes needed to keep her/him safe being obese? Change your life so you can be the best mom, live a long life, and be a great example for your child so they don’t wind up obese with all the mental and physical problems that may cause.


I had one done about June of 1973 and was told I was the only one that both sides knit back perfect I had another daughter and a son but they never but a weight amount on me I’m in British Columbia canada

Good luck. Most doctors won’t do a reversal due to the low success rate. So if you found one, do what they say.

The reason doctors prefer you to be under 200lbs is because being overweight automatically puts you in the high risk category for complications during surgery, recovery and the resulting pregnancy you’re trying to achieve.

Unfortunately no doctor will perform a tubal reversal if you are overweight it’s way too risky and death rate is higher. I also want to get a tubal reversal but I need to lose at least 30 lbs first so that is my goal. Plus you should want to be healthy for when you do get pregnant being overweight is going to make you a high risk pregnancy and you should want to do whatever you can to make sure your baby is healthy.

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