Where do I go from here?

My fiance kept the pictures of him and his soon to be ex wife saved as "only me" on Facebook.

They haven’t been together in 4 years.
I always wondered why I never got the cute pics, the hugs from behind, the hand holding and all that… Why he’ll screenshot my pictures on Snapchat but never post them.
Now it feels like after the two years him and I have been together I realize, it’s because I’m not the one he wants to do those things with.
And I just don’t know where to go from here. He’s making it seem like he didn’t know they were there. Him and I have a 1 yr old together and I know that if he were to ever leave me for her, she wouldn’t treat her right because she was ugly to his son (so he says.)
What do I do? What would you do?
He bought me a 3k ring but every time we have the money to file his divorce, he conveniently needs to spend it on a new tool for work… My heart hurts.

They were married. He had a life before you. The expectation of others to get rid of pictures is pathetic. He had a whole life with her.
If pictures bother you this much find someone whos ever dated before.

I still have photos on my Facebook of my ex and I but that is due to being able to show our son them. Photos aren’t that big of a deal. Does he contact her? Do they see each other?

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Okay welp the fact he keeps pics or not is not something to worry about. I have pics of my ex husband in a folder still on my fb as well. It is also “only me” I should never have to get rid of pics and memories… noone should ever have to. Like it or not at some point I was happy then… these are my memories… period… you are being insecure. I read some of these comments and I laugh because people are so quick to up and leave based on their own selfish needs and insecurities… and not every relationship is the same… if your feeling some type of way maybe you should talk to him but it is not fair to get mad at him for still having memories of someone who once made him happy.
Maybe that someone hurt him to point where it has changed him maybe not. Idk bc I’m not inside his mind and I dont know yall relationship. I have actually hung a picture on my wall of my fiance, his ex and their child because I really like the pic… it’s his past and that dont go away because pictures are deleted or tossed.

Also just read another comment that says to sell the ring HE BOUGHT you and bounce… DO NOT DO THAT… If your going to leave you give him that ring back. That’s is not yours anymore and you did not buy it. My lord people are just savage and heartless these days. Smfh