Where do I go from here?

I have four kids, the oldest has a different father from the three youngest. His dad passed away so he only has me. I left my SO/BD in November 2021 after 12 years. I have always been the one to work and provide for our family while he watched the kids considering I’ve always had a crazy work schedule. He’s an alcoholic and did quit drinking for 5 years, but COVID happened and he started drinking again. Our relationship has always been rocky but I got pregnant and felt like I was stuck, then got pregnant two more times lol smh. When he quit drinking everything was so much better. Now that he’s drinking again he is out of control and will not stop harassing me. I left with my oldest and only had our belongings. He finally realized I wasn’t coming back and kicked our three out of the house. After I left him it seems everything just went haywire I swear someone put bad medicine on us. We tried being civil but we all know how that goes with a narcissist. Two weeks after I left our daughter ended up in the hospital. She ended up needing surgery and going in again right before Christmas. Two weeks later my youngest ended up in NICU for breathing problems (none of it was COVID related). My oldest plays football and was injured and he also had to have surgery. Also our two youngest birthdays are right before Christmas. Take all these events into affect with a narcissistic ex that depended on you financially who drained your bank account. I wrapped what little Christmas presents I had with tears coming down my face. I tried my best with the boys birthdays. I shut his phone off because he wouldn’t stop harassing me and my oldest. He finally kicked the kids out and wouldn’t give me their stuff so I had to replace EVERYTHING. My bank account is still negative it has been so hard trying to recover. Credit cards are maxed out I’m basically paying for two households. I work 40+ hours and about to graduate with my bachelors after this semester on top of taking care of four kids. I’m ready to give up. There’s way more to this story but you get the idea. Right now my career and my financials are my main worry. I could care less about shelter I will sleep in my truck with my kids before I go back to him. He’s an awful person who is succeeding in ruining everything I’ve built for myself and my family.