Where do you buy jeans for your kids?

Has anyone bought jeans from the children’s place for their kids? My daughter suddenly outgrew all her long pants. I usually go with cat & jack or sometimes jumping bean from Kohl’s but 1) for them to be long enough they’re too loose in the waist and 2) Amazon has a deal where it’s 3 pairs for $21 right now.


I have for my son they’re great jeans

I just bought my daughter Children’s Place jeans. They are the only ones that are normal and have slims(that I’ve been able to find), she absolutely loves them

Bought all my daughter’s clothes at children’s place when she was little.

When my son was a toddler I always bought him jeans from children’s place. When he started going to school he stopped wearing jeans though and now only likes sweatpants. He says jeans make it difficult for him to play in :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Try kid 2 kid in Ahwatukee.

Demny’s but only on clearance

Macy’s because I love Levi’s
And Carter’s, children’s place and Ralph Lauren

My daughter is built like a runner, long legs and arms and thin. I just tried to buy her cat & Jack and once I pulled the elastic on the inside to fit her waist, the legs made her actual legs look huge. Children’s place so far has been the best place to buy her jeans, just got 2 of the 4 pairs that I ordered for her today in the mail. It doesn’t matter if I buy the regulars instead of slims, they don’t make her look out of proportion. They also seem to hold up well too.

I have a tall skinny, no butt, daughter and we get them at old navy!

I used to love children place jeans for my boys. However jeans aren’t really popular any more. I don’t think I’ve bought a pair of jeans in a few years. But they are nice because they have the adjustable strap

Where ever I can get the best deal and have the elastic adjustable bands in the waist. My 13 yo needs 12s for length but his darn waist is still a 5t/6 :person_facepalming::rofl:. He should be fun to buy for once he hits men’s sizes. Not sure I’ve seen men’s waist sizes below a 29-30

Children’s place was the main place I shopped for my first born. Now it’s Amazon for my youngest, sometimes Walmart or Target.

Children place is having a sale right now and free shipping. I like old navy also.

I take my kids to ross dress for less

I buy them there when they have their $7.99 sale!!! We buy a lot and they last super well! Besides they have Military discount (veteran) so we use it as well. lol

The cat and jack ones have adjustable waist that’s the only ones I buy for my son who is super tall but has like a 5t waist and is 9

I get garanimals jeans. They have the adjustable straps on the sides so we can get a size bigger and still fit the waist

Happy with ordering from them. but only ever ordered t shirts.

Jeggjngs from Walmart when my girls were a bit younger.

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I buy the Walmart brand honestly. My daughter is in between sizes and the 10/12 plus are perfect for her

The children’s place when they were younger. They were the only ones that lasted. Now where ever I can get the best deal and they have the elastic bands inside. Old navy is good too

I get adjustable waist jeans and size up if it needs to be longer. I have one child that is small in the waist but tall for age. I just adjust the waist and no one notices.

Childrens place jeans rip at the knees very easily. (Granted my boys could just be rough on their jeans) I usually get the walmart brand. Shein also has jeans that are the same as on amazon for half the price of amazon.