Where do you buy wide shoes for toddlers?

Anyone else have a toddler with very wide feet? Where do you buy shoes that fit them> I cannot find wides anywhere


I had a hard time with this as well. I found the shoes that velcro seemed to be wider then lace shoes

Clarks do shoes up to an H width. I’ve only ever met one child with feet wider than that. Consider the shape of your kids feet too. If they look rounded then you need shoes to match. I also have wide feet and wear boys Converse. It’s usual for the feet to narrow as they start walking. Don’t put them in sneakers as it will encourage their feet to spread and get even wider!

Maybe try online shopping, I feel like Amazon has everything

Skechers are all wide shoes

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New Balance has wide sizes

Payless if you have one around. I know they have closed most of them. But when my daughter was young Payless was a lifesaver for me. They have a large selection of wide amd they also have half sizes which I always had a hard time finding when my daughter was little. And maybe check to see online if they still have a website

my youngest has lil wide feet. i found that buying a size bigger then what their feet size is helps alot.