Where do you feel baby flutters?

Can someone explain what the first few flutters felt like? Haha this is my first, and I’m 14 weeks today, and im pretty sure I felt something earlier, but I’m most certain it wasnt gas, but I could be wrong :joy:
I’m not even sure if this is something that anyone can explain?! :joy:


To me it felt like someone rolled something across my tummy

Felt like a muscle twitch/jump to me

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It felt like popcorn popping to me haha

It felt like a muscle spasm kind of to me. Everyone says it feels like butterflies and I don’t think it felt like that at all.


It felt like little popcorn pops with both of my pregnancies. And both were roughly 15 weeks so it’s possible! Just wait until the kicks and rolls start! Oh, and those hiccups!! :heart_eyes:


Bubbling, sometimes it was butterflyish

Rolling or strong bubbles

A jumping bean inside my tummy!

I felt movement at 16 weeks. Feels like little bubbles and like there were butterflies inside.

Imagine a caterpillar giving you a headbutt. Lol

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Butterflies at the beginning.

Felt like a super ball bounce to me. I’m 29 weeks and 2 days now and it feels like I’m growing a kick boxer now lmao. My fiancée is sad because when ever he wants to feel a kick our little one goes completely still lol

I felt flutters at 15 wks so you prolly did. Try laying on your back n relax to see if you feel more. It’s so cool

Wait until you feel hiccups… With my first i lived it… But this pregnancy im in i almost hate it because i feel it in my butt and who-ha… Just strange and uncomfortable LMFAO

I would lay on my stomach (yes that’s safe) and that’s when I’d feel the baby best. It felt to me more like popcorn popping than butterflies like everyone else describes.

When I felt my munchkin flopping around it was like a fish on the table but in my belly.

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Mine felt like a fish flicking its tail real quick. Other times I felt that little rush you get when you hit turbulence lol

Feels like butterflies lol

For me it felt like a little butterfly…’til further along then it felt like an all out bar brawl (twins).

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Like gas in your tummy lol

Butterflies … definitely didn’t feel like gas for me

Like tiny tiny bubbles popping/ or flutters way low in your belly. Like a hilly car ride but smaller flutters

More than likely just gas.

It’s to early. Probably was gas even tho you don’t think it was when pregnant your mind tricks you… with your first you don’t tend to feel it till later on. Because you don’t know what it feels like. 2ed and on its as early as 16 weeks. So it’s way to early to feel it even if it was your second baby and definitely too early if it’s your first.
( my first I felt FOR SURE around 21 weeks… my second I felt at 18 weeks)
I’ve heard some woman say around 15 weeks they feel it… but they usually have more then one kid already.

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Felt like gas bubbles/butterflies to me

Like gas and butterflies

Like fish swimming in your tummy


You honestly won’t feel baby until you’re at least 16 weeks, but when you do its the best feeling ever!

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It almost feels like little bubbles popping or little bumps inside your tummy. Little flutters here and there. It’s so cool.

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I think I felt the first flutters 17+ weeks but I remember being unsure too… it’s so hard to describe. It’s like light fluttering at first or small like bubbles being popped. I wish there was a better way to describe it!!


Mine felt like something was tickling me on the inside…

I felt flutters at around 15 weeks with my first. My second didn’t feel anything until 20 weeks and third was 22-23 weeks… it just depends

Like everyone is saying but my first was at 20 weeks and every kid after was 12-14 weeks.

Yup it’s your child :baby: I felt mine at 3 months pregnant

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Guess everyone have already said everything hehe it feels like popping bubbles and having that butterflies feeling that sometimes makes you tickles

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Kinda like butterfly wings brushing up against you. It’s a feeling that makes you say awww.

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Little bubbles popping is what mine felt like

Apparently some mothers feel their baby the night of conception lol (this is a joke btw)

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It honestly feels like bubbles so kinda like gas moving around. I know that sounds not nice at all but if your 14 weeks that’s definitely about the time you’ll start feeling it.

3rd baby I’m just over 14 weeks and I can feel flutters especially if I lay on my stomach it’s a different kind of feeling. My baby literally jumped like its whole body on ultrasound and I felt that.

The best way I’ve heard it described, and it was true for me, was that it feels like a fish in a bag. That kinda fluttery water feeling when the fish moves fast or hits the bag. Hope that makes sense lol.

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Almost like butterflies,or bubbles

Did you ever hold a cricket in your hand as a child and felt it nudging around?

That’s what it felt like with my five babies, only in my lower tummy instead of my hands (obvs lol).

The best way i can explain is it is you know the feeling when u go over a hill fast …thats how i describe it lol

Butterflies it felt like for me at 10 weeks when I was pregnant with my 1.5 yr old

With my first it felt like I swallowed a vibrating cell phone​:joy: at first I thought it might have been gas because it was Thanksgiving but I sat down and it happened again. I was kinda freaked out but I couldn’t help laughing every time it happened :revolving_hearts:

You Mom’s these days sure know allot more than I did. I didn’t even know I was pregnant, so if I felt anything I would have shrugged it off. I did go to the doctor when my breasts were so sore and getting bigger. What a surprise!!