Where do you find clothes for your child with senory issues?

My seven-year-old son has some sensory issues. We have major issues with finding clothes or shoes that he will wear. He has a fit when he gets dressed because he feels a seam in his clothes or if it’s Too tight ext… it is exhausting. Does anyone have any advice on where I could buy clothes for a child like this or what we could do?


Target has sensory friendly clothes that are tagless/seamless for kids.

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Target has clothes for kids with sensory issues, for my daughter i buy her clothes larger than her size so they don’t restrict her, only thing I haven’t found is socks she will wear :sleepy: and I cut all the labels out of her clothes

Definitely target! No tags :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had sensory issues since I was a kid myself. The target sensory friendly line is great, or other similar ones. I have to feel everything before I can buy, and while it definitely limits my choices, it’s possible if you just have patience. Socks are a big problem for me, and I’ve found the Bombas brand is the only one I can tolerate. They don’t have seems, and have kid sizes too. Kudos to you for trying to find options for your little one!

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Crocs are good shoes for sensory issues :blush:

My daughter had me cut all her tags out of her clothes, her tops had to be “soft in the middle” it was horrible finding clothes she approved of, she’s 39 now and does it herself, some things she grew out of, but tops still have to be “soft in the middle”

My 8yr old has spd. Target has great clothes for kids with sensory issues but I also have exercises he does that help calm him when he is having problems with his clothes. Good luck momma I know it can be exhausting

What is sensory cause my grandchild has to have special she feel of everything

My son has to wear tight jeans and can’t be on or over his feet or he freaks out his shirts can’t have tags and have to fit just right hes picky about socks hes picky on shoes and how his laces have to be