Where do you find good deals on school clothes?

Hey mamas! I’ve got 2 kiddos in school this year. Where do y’all go for school clothes/shoes? I need good deals as my husband & I haven’t been getting many hours so we’re pretty low on cash. I’ve looked on my marketplace and everyone is asking almost full price or what they’re asking is just out of my budget. TIA!


Online is how I do it. I have 4 in school. Online always seems to be cheaper for some reason. And I always start early. Simply because I have 4 lol

Walmart has some cute stuff

I usually do pretty good ordering from Old Navy, they should be doing their back to school sale soon if they aren’t started with it already.

I love the clearance racks at Kohls, Ross and TJ Maxx usually have some good deals too. I also like thrift stores too, St Vincent De Paul


Children’s place has great sales all the time!


For my 3 kids…I shop Target, or JCPenneys sometimes kohls! They all have good deals!

I do Children’s Place for our younger 3. Our oldest…I’m still trying to figure out :sweat_smile:


Walmart, Ross, tj maxx, Marshall’s

When my kids were little, we would go to end of the season clearances and bought stuff that we knew they’d grow in to . It was a bit of work, bc kids grow so fast that if I wasn’t “ on it”, we might not use everything to its full potential!

Ross Gabe’s tjmaxx Marshalls

SHEIN all the way. I get so many things there for my little one and honestly it’s affordable and she loves it.

They do have several outfits that are crop tops, so be mindful of that, but overall, we love it!!

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Ross has tons of good deals! Marshall’s, Walmart, tj max, burkes, Burlington.


Urban planet always has awesome back to school sale

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Poshmark is a go to for me. I also look for deals throughout the year.

Gabriel Brothers! Or once upon a child!

Hey are the sizes you need?Boys or girls?

Marshall’s or Burlington or walmart

Tj maxx,Ross & Marshall’s!

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You would be surprised. Go look at shein. They do some awesome deals and the price is good. It’s what I did last year for my daughter. And will again this year.

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Children’s place, it’s also free shipping


Marks and Spencer they are based out of London but deliver to the states. My daughter loves it and the prices are very reasonable (single mom here) good luck

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What I don’t buy my kids back to school clothes there summer clothes still fit and for at least the 1st month of school it’s still hot I do get them new underwear and socks and tennis shoes because that’s when that stuff goes on sale I focus more on getting that back to school supplies list done

Target usually had good sales on jeans for kids. Also target online has good deals. Walmart too. I would also check out Burlington or tj maxx

Childrens place for uniforms…goodwill and search trhough for name brands. Ive been doing that forb16 years for mine

Thrift, especially church thrift stores.

Once upon a child! If there’s one near you

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Walmart has cute kids clothes!

I buy my daughter’s clothes mostly on Amazon. I look for multipack shirts and shorts and pants. Then every once in awhile I will buy character ts or something at Walmart.

Thrift stores for us cuz kids grow so fast

360 thrift store on Southern and Gilbert best prices, better then good will

Walmart! And or good will has some nice stuff for cheap as well.

Check with the school to see if they have spare uniforms. Parents donate good quality uniforms that children have grown out of and at my school we pass them on we also do a swap.

WalMart has really good deals sometimes
Thrift stores

Sams Club up to a certain size and Target sales!

Honestly, thrift stores. Go before the back to school rush, though.

I did shien this past school year! I have 3 girls under 7. I got 16 outfits for $156!!! And they were so cute too!


check some thrift stores, you would be surprised what’s there, I’m so picky with stains and such and I bring home amazing brands. honestly the cheapest iv found in my town is Walmart. 4$ tops and shirts. nothing’s cheaper then that and if you watch all the summer section will be on sale very soon if not already started. also giant tiger I’m surprised mines small but they have great deals on clothes for mix and match.

What age? Childrens place was my go to for all of elementary school. Middle school, it’s mostly TJ maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, Shein, Aerie and abercrombie kids. (She’s very tiny for her age. So, the only place we can find jeans is old navy. They still have the tightened inside the pants like toddler pants

Go to dd’s they are very reasonable

I did Temu for my daughter. Super cheap cute stuff

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DSW, Kohls, target, TJ Max, Ross, jCPenny, Outlet stores

Once upon a child for younger Plato’s closet for older. We also have several discount stores like tJ max, Ross and Burke’s. I always scout the clearance racks at all stores year round and buy the next size up for the next year. On occasion I’ll even pick up items at Goodwill.

Thrift stores are great for children’s clothing!! Sometimes can find stuff with tags still on it! They grow out of stuff so fast so why not!


Single mom of 5 kids to buy clothing and shoes for. And my Go-to places are usually thrift stores. Ross and Walmart. :blush: summertime I usually hit up yard/garage sales before school hits. :slightly_smiling_face:

Old Navy and Children’s Place have great deals. Walmart is over priced these days

thrift stores or once upon a child for my elementary school kids. My highschoolers I tend to shop all year round because they like name brand things


I shop at Ross & Marshall’s a lot! And Walmart I can sometimes find really cute things, shoes from there are a great price because kids (especially boys) are rough on shoes, I refuse to spend a lot on them :joy:

The Children’s Place (always free shipping no matter how much you order) and Old Navy (you get $20 bonus cash to use later for every $50 you spend) are my go to places for clothes. They both also have great clearance sales. Famous Footwear for sneakers. They usually have buy 1 get 1 50% off sale. Thrift stores are always great as well.

Once upon a child, jcpenneys, target, old navy

I don’t understand the concept of buying new clothes just because they’re starting a new school year. This tradition has always confused me. I buy my kids as they need it. Usually on clearance. Am I the only one who doesn’t buy their kids new clothes every school year?

Snipes has a good shoe sale

Svp sports is good pricing for brand names like puma

Children’s Place, thrift stores- the local Salvation Army store had 50% off and they had winter items marked down already. I got Under Armour sweatpants and sweatshirts for less than $5 each plus some Old Navy and Gap sweatpants for less than $3. I do alot of leggings and solid color t-shirts so we can mix-and-match. One of my kiddos won’t do jeans, so leggings are key. The other two I buy jeans at thrift stores or Once Upon a Child. Kids grow so fast.

Target or children’s place! Target always runs deals and sales and I get pieces for less than $5! You could also try like a resale/consignment store!

Marketplace has been awful! Come on people - no one wants to pay for junk! Children’s place or Walmart, Amazon essentials if you are looking for good deals. Old Navy depending on the sales, and kohl’s clearance racks. Also, wait a week or two after school starts for better deals :slightly_smiling_face:

Gabe’s, Tj Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and Burlington sometimes Kohls. My girls are in juniors now one will be a 11 in a few days and other she will be a 11 in September. There are not many places left with deals anymore. I see a lot marking up the price just so they can have a sale and you think you are getting a deal but truthfully you are not.

Does your schools have seconds to sell ?

Carters has good deals. If you don’t mind hand me downs look up buy nothing groups of free cycle on Facebook. You should be able to find folks in your area giving things away.

Depends on the age/size of child. Between Walmart online and the children’s place I got my daughter 11 t-shirts and 6 pairs of shorts for 88 dollars.

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Old navy . Also try apps like Klarna , zip , Sezzle and after pay they allow you to break up your payments in 4. Depending on the age of your kids children’s place has good deals as well .

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Target has 30% off right now. We got 4 outfits for $50 today.

SHEIN…. Their clothes are super cheap but also in style. And they also do after pay in 4 bi weekly payments so you don’t have to pay the full amount upfront.

Ross or walmart. Also jc penny used to give an extra discount if you apply to get a card.

Kohl’s! They send out 30% coupons often & about twice a year they send out 40%. I can get shirts/shorts/pants for $5 or less each. Outside of those sales it can be pricey. But during sales, it’s less than even resale shops charge.

Burlington it’s way cheaper than any place. They’re $3:99 for polo shirt

Childrens place, carters, a lot of places are having online sales

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Yard/garage sales bc you can find a lot of new clothes for $1 or $2,

The Children’s Place online has some cheap stuff, lots of things on clearance for $2.99, $3.99, $4.99 etc. and free shipping on any size order. They have great deals around every holiday as well and for back to school

We go to Walmart :woman_shrugging:t2: Check clearance

Target and if they have 30% off clothing it’s so cheap!

Childrens Place, Walmart and OUAC, the cheaper the better since my 6yo doesnt really take care of clothing yet.

Shein and temu both are cheap

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Once upon a child and kid to kid are awesome for deals and you can always bring in clothes to sell for store credit. Temu is awesome for online shopping and their delivery is really fast. Plus you always end up getting discounts for them, I sound like a commercial but really it’s been good so far. I won a 20 dollar coupon so I got two outfits for my daughter and then bought two for my son. Ended up getting another free 20 bucks so got 2 more outfits. All not bad quality but it was short sets n such so not sure how their pants are.

Target and Walmart have some good prices on kids clothes

I’ve had great luck with temu

Ive done most of my 13 year olds shopping on shein! You can rack up points for logging in daily & put it towards your purchase as well, they also give coupons & the option for after-pay.
-eta i got 6 pairs of shoes altogether for under 60$ for him & his 6 y.o. twin brothers, the quality isnt bad either.

Tax free weekend and go to Gabes, Bealls, Ross, TJ Maxx, and hit up clearance at Kohls and walmart…

Gabes, Ross, Burlington, Marshall’s!

The clearance section in the American eagle app, the sizes go down to xxs which fits my girls age 7 and 8 and the tops are like $5 and the sweaters are like $10 or $15. I recently discovered this and shopped for my 3 girls ages 7,8, and 18 and they were all really happy :blush:

Walmart will be putting summer clothes on clearance! You have plenty of time left in the year for shorts and t-shirts are all year long!

I did ard sales, thrift stores, clearance, although I never bought used underwear, socks or shoes.

Try yard sales. I have 9 grandchildren we buy for and usually can find very nice clothing for a dollar a piece

Idk if you have them near you but Gabe’s, Ross Dress for Less, and Cititrends are really cheap for clothes. Plus Cititrends and Gabe’s has layaway

Target! They always have sales and the clothes are very durable! Also old navy!

Target has some good sales this week

If they wear cat n jack (target brand) you can return them for a store credit or bigger sizes no matter how old they are.

Check Old navy, & Bluenotes. I got 5 or 6 tank tops from old Navy for between 4 & 5 dollars a piece. They always seem to have pretty good deals.

Bluenotes usually has a bye one get one at half of or some type of sale. Try 2nd hand shops if you have any in your area for what you can.

Temu is a great website for kids clothes, very good prices better than in store

Old navy normally has good sales, target too

If you have or know anyone who has a Sam’s or Costco membership- I just got 6 champion shirts for $18 they were 2 packs on sale for $6/each