Where do you put your kids in the car?

Moms with captain seats, where did you put your toddler and where did you put your newborn?


Due any time and plan to put newborn behind me so it’s easiest for passenger up front to tend to needs. Toddler is way easy at this age. Less needy.

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Newborn is behind me. Toddler is on the passenger side so I can still pass her some snacks :rofl:


My 3.5yo is behind the passenger and my 1yo is behind the driver seat. However I’d put them wherever the safest fit goes for their seats

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My 6 year old likes his seat behind driver so I’ll put newborn in seat behind passenger and my teens will be forced into back if we all have to go somewhere

My 3 year old is behind me and shes still rear facing. My 18 month old is behind the front seat passenger and hes also rear facing. My 7 year old is behind his sister in a high back booster.

My two in car seats go in the captain’s chairs and my big kids go in the third row

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