Where do you sell your childrens clothes?

What’s your favorite place to sell your little one’s old clothes? I have considered resale shops such as Once Upon A Child and Facebook marketplace. Any recommendations for where else?


You sell to those places you really don’t get much for them. You’re better off having a yard sale and selling them, my daughter would sell her daughters clothes as she outgrew them and would make a couple hundred dollars in 1 day on baby clothes. People are always looking to save when it comes to children’s clothes because they outgrow them too fast.

I donated all of them to shelters

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Donate them to good will or local family shelters.

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I bag it up for Facebook marketplace semi cheap. Around dollar piece for bundle. If it doesn’t go. It goes in our donation shed by us. Those go to church stores.


Once upon a child is really picky about what they will and won’t take. I suggest the marketplace

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We donate the clothes

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Mostly donated them to fire victims if not in an orphanage. And some I gave to friends who have little ones, I don’t sell them.

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I jusy donate them…

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Donate them or have the patience to sit at a Moms to Moms resale

I’m too impatient, I donate them and move on. But, I’m also usually broke so, there that. :rofl:

I like to donate mine to domestic woman shelters


We don’t sell we give them to other kids in our neighborhood

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How about donated them u no longer need them

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We donated to the church yard sales. When not in need, plant a seed

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I don’t sell mine. They are given away for free to those in need

Give… It’s rewarding to the :heart:

I normally put the clothes on FB and just give them away.

Just Between Friends

Sold them to my Nurse friend at L.M.H

A lot of places will hardly give you any money for your kids stuff.
My child has everything name brand. Columbia, Nike, Carter’s, Cat & Jack, Mud Pie, but nobody wants to even give you 1/10 of what you pay for that stuff.
Most people just don’t care what their child wears anymore. :woman_shrugging:t2:
I would suggest finding someone who actually wants to pay decent money for clothes otherwise you’re gunna get ripped off.

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I am lazy, I never sell them. I put them in a bag and whoever gets here first gets them.


I’ve always given them away. Can’t be bothered trying to collect $5 here and $3 there.


I generally post all my little guy’s clothes to my personal Facebook page and give friends/family the first shot at them. If they dont sell I post them to the marketplace. I then take whatever I make to Once Upon a Child and Target to get the next season’s wardrobe.

Ive found it a waste of time to try and resell clothes. I just pass them along to moms in need.


join local buy sell groups on fb.and online yardsale pages in your area

Most woman don’t like second hand clothes for their children thats why most of the second hand shops dont want to buy your self for to much

Yard sale. Thred up. Let go.

I give them to people in need. :woman_shrugging: for the people who don’t have the extra money for clothes


Give them to an organization that can use them. A foster care organization, or children youth offices.

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I’ve used once upon a child before. They are pretty picky about what they take. Then what they dont take, I use a local kids consignment store that gives me store credit. What doesnt sell, they donate

I just sold 14 pairs of joggers and 2 jackets for a tenner, no one wants to pay money for anything anymore


Sold some used and new stuff with tag/ still in a box to once upon a child…it wasnt a good experience, it was a while back so i dont remenber how much i got but it wasnt alot.

I donate all my kids stuff to a free store for those can’t afford clothes. I try and pay it forward every chance I get.

Battered women’s shelters need children’s clothes.

Why not give to other mothers who need? The majority of clothing ends up in landfills.

I donate everything. Unless they’re really high end pieces, it’s not worth with effort to sell it for a couple of bucks.

I always give them to people in need. Sometimes I try and sell them if I need the money, but mostly I post them and then whenever someone messages me I’ll kinda check out their profile and offer them for free

I personally donate them as well. But I don’t feel she should be criticized for asking where to sell them. Maybe she’s in need.


I haven’t tried it myself…but I’ve heard postmark is a good place to do so. Once upon a child will give you next to nothing…I’d donate before selling them there.

We have a big yard sale thing where I live and it’s at a dome and they sell your clothes for you and you get a profit. And then you could either go and pick up what dodnt sell.or donate it

I sell them on PoshMark, Facebook marketplace for the most part. There other places like LetGo, OfferUp you can also use. I typically sell everything in bulk. I sometimes give away the items as well, but not always. Nothing wrong with selling it or giving it away, whatever works for you!

I have yard sales but l don’t mark them up high…what is left over l give to a church. They give it to the community .

I do the cosignment sales twice a year, took 250 items, only brought home 20 and made $1200

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I pass them down for my nephew… But before he was born, I just donated them.

I donate all the clothes back to the thrift store that gave them to us. After I try to find someone in need of baby clothing.

Facebook. The marketplace.
Thats where i get most of daughters clothes too. Can’t beat a bundle of clothes for $20, even in a thrift shop.

I love shopping at once upon a child! However, their prices they give you for your stuff is ridiculous. I usually give my stuff to moms in need… but you can never go wrong with facebook marketplace! We usually have a good turnout

I always have a yard sale and sell them for 1$ each you would be surprised how much you sell that way. I made over 100$$ that way yo were if i put them online and asked 100$ no one would pay that

I take them to a childs second hand shop. Herr we have one called kid to kid.

JBF in the Philadelphia area. That’s where I consign.

Honestly hardly anyone will pay much for kids clothes. I usually end up just giving them away.

Why don’t you give it to Frankie Porter for your mama

I keep them for future babies and when I’m done with them I will pass them down to family since most of them were passed to me

We have local swap and shops on FB. I post mine as lots and sell them that way.

Look for your local mom2mom sale.

I dont sell.mine I donate


I heard Market Place on FB works for well for selling.

I donate mine to the Salvos or St Vinnie’s (charity run clothing stores here in Australia)

I donate. Not alot of parents have the money to buy all these clothes for their kids. And to see them go to another child in need…that’s all I need!!

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Thrift stores–especially on half/price or 99 cent days. I just bought my granddaughter a beautiful dress that looks brand new and I paid 99c for it.

When I sell stuff Varagesale app is what I use! Most goes to friends or donation!
I’m in Ont, Canada!

I donate my daughters clothes to Hope church where I live. It’s an organization that uses WIC points to help families that are low income and in need of clothing. If we were to sell them Wed use our local marketplace, but we enjoy donated them also to Community closet. It’s a church that gives free clothing to those in need one day a week. So if you’re looking to donate vs selling these are some options. :slight_smile: good luck!