Where do you shop for groceries to save money?

We are struggling so bad with how high the prices of things have gotten…where do you shop for grocieres to save money? We do not have an ALDI near us so that is not an option and we are struggling so bad right now…tips and tricks?

Walmart and publix bogo sales

Walmart is where I go for most things. I also go to Food Lion. If you have one sign up for their MVP program and use it every time you go. They have special savings that can save you $2 or $3 on things like dairy, produce, meats, etc. They also have digital coupons that you can add to your MVP card and when you purchase the item, the coupon is automatically deducted. Publix is good but can be expensive. They also have digital coupons like Food Lion and their BOGO specials can be really good. There is an app called Flipp that has all the stores sales on it. You can look at all the grocery stores in your area and see which ones have what you need at the best price. If you have Family Dollar or Dollar General you can find good deals there and you can use their customer appreciation apps to save more money. Dollar General usually gives a $5 coupon on your next visit on their receipt.

If you have small children see if you qualify for WIC that will help with things like milk, juice, cereals.

So many are struggling with the same thing. This is what I do to stretch my grocery budget. I only shop sales. If it’s not on sale and I don’t absolutely need it, I don’t get it. I always pop over to the day old bakery and clearance areas. I’ve also done things like add rice to taco meat. It’s so filling and you can use the leftovers for lunch the next day. Whenever you’re able to, grab an extra can of vegetables, baked beans, tuna or even canned chicken to store in your pantry. That way you’ll have something on hand when money is tight. One of the other things I’ve started doing, is ordering groceries online. You see the total as you’re loading the cart and it makes you more conscious of what you’re spending. If at all possible, find a local food pantry. I also make my own soups during the winter. It’s fairly cheap to make and typically yields a lot of servings. You can easily portion out what you need, and freeze the rest. Pinterest also has a ton of cheap meal ideas. Oh, another thing. Don’t throw away the ends of your bread. Freeze them. Whenever you need breadcrumbs, just toast and season the bread you’ve saved. You can also freeze vegetable scraps to use for vegetable stock.