Where does your 10 month old sleep?

What does your 10 month old sleep ?! My daughter absolutely HATES her crib and will not sleep there . She sleeps with us right now .

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My daughter slept I. Her crib until she learned how to get down off the couch etc. Then she slept on a twin size mattress on the floor in her room with a locked gate at night. She was about 14 months.

My two year old and my one year old sleep with me on a bed on the floor. Wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my baby snuggles.

I never co-slept with my either of my kids. They both slept in their own beds, even if their bed was in my room temporarily.

If your baby doesn’t like her crib, is it the mattress? Maybe lay baby down with something that smells like you.

Toddler bed and teach the child to get off of it by going feet first.

Co slept with all 3 of my kids…zero regrets :blush:

Hell my 6 year olds still sleep w me :rofl::rofl:

I have a 1yr old and 4mnth old that sleep wherever I lay them and sleep completely through night most nights . One thing I always stuck to was scheduling and putting them in their beds or laying them down immediately after they fall asleep :joy: I know it’s hard in the beginning because they are our love bugs but now at these ages I can hold them a few minutes after they’ve fallen asleep and enjoy my time with them . For some babies it takes a few weeks to get them used to their cribs and bassinets but on this one the experts and books are right it is possible and sometimes safer( yes I sleep with my kids sometimes but not all ways I love co sleeping) . It just takes some patience and doing what’s comfortable for you and baby . Lol STAND UP FOR BED RIGHTS LADIES ITS POSSIBLE :smiling_face:

All of mine slept in bassinets in my room until they started sleeping through the night. Once they started sleeping through the night, it was their crib.

My youngest is 5 months but I have co slept with all my babies.