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My dad forgot my daughters name… We purposely say her name when talking about her hoping he will get the hint but he still calls her a completely different name. We have never been very close but come on… You can’t remember your only grand daughters name?:joy:
What would you do in this situation?


Start calling him a different name :rofl:


I mean he’s obviously older so maybe he has memory issues with other things as well?


Correct him every single time!


I would let it slide. My grandparents mess all of us up at some point. They’re old. Lol. They have 4 sons. All married. 8 grandchildren and then 4 of us are married so there’s a spouse to remember. Plus there are 6 great grandkids. That’s a lot of names to remember for a 78 year old woman and 80 year old man.

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We have family that does it with our 5 year olds name, we use to correct them. Now we just let if go. I got annoyed of always correcting them

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Is it malicious? We have family who mispronounce our daughters name all the time. No harm, no foul. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.


Kids are brutally honest… eventually they will probably correct them :joy:


Ha my dad calls my daughter with my middle name. I’m Emily Joyce she is Emaree Ann. But to him she will always be Emaree Joyce. I just go with it.


Give them a nickname. Sometimes nicknames stick better than anything


If you don’t think it’s legit memory issues. Then I’d say something. My great grandmother has 5 kids, like 15 grandkids, like 13 great grand kids, and five great great grand kids and remembers all of their names.
Not remembering the only girls name, sounds off. It’s either deliberately done or he is sick.


Text him next time you’re on the way or he’s coming over “your granddaughter (insert name here) and i can’t wait to see you”

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My grandma did the same to me… We were never close… Just get use to it…


Our lil girl middle name is same as mine. My dad says what is ur middle name?? :roll_eyes: lol


My uncle use to call me Tyler still does and I’m 28 he obviously does it on purpose there’s no way


My grandad knew my name but always called me Lucy… it became a nickname for me. Only he ever called me it and I would respond.

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My daughter’s name is Zaira, we call her Z, and her paternal great gparents always call her Sarah… She hates it, corrects them continuously, even spells her name :joy: I don’t bother to correct anyone, she will 💁 she’s 4 lol.

You could just let it go or nicely correct him. My husband’s grandma called me his ex’s name on our wedding day so at least you aren’t dealing with that. Lol


Dont bring child around them if they are doing it on purpose. They dont deserve to be in ypur childs life


Keep reminding him. Hes old!!

Laugh my but off my ma forgets my name sometimes she will go throu all the kids grand kids sometimes Pets before she gets to mine i just laugh at her

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My mom still says my niece’s name wrong even though I dont hesitate to bluntly correct her each time. Sometimes things just stick in your mind wrong I guess. My advice is to not take it personally unless hes doing it on purpose. And dont be afraid to gently correct him occasionally. He might just appreciate it. Just using his name in front of him might not be enough for him to notice if it’s something with his memory or such.

My uncle called me and both of my siblings different names, and he legitimately didn’t know them. He gave me dirty looks a couple months ago until I got tired of it and screamed “Yes it’s me, the niece’s name you don’t actually know!?” after not seeing me since I was very little. I’d call it out or your child will forever be stuck with a completely different name than what they have. Apparently my name is Lisa, my sister is Amber (Autumn is her real name), and my brother is Tyler (Tanner is his real name).

Is it an unusual name??

Be honest and discuss the problem with your dad. Maybe he didnt really forget her name maybe she reminds him of someone from long ago, or he did forget it. But you need to straighten it out nicely.

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my grandma can’t say my daughter’s name…her name is nagisa…its Japanese her father named her she’s 18 years old now lol…grandmom always says it incorrectly no matter how many times we say it to her she just can’t say it right so we tell her to call her nanni n call it a day lol

My mom and my husbands step mom call our 2 yr old Kylie, her name is Cali. My husbands name is Kyle so I guess they just associate it like that or they just say it funny. It irritates me though. We say her name a lot and I’ve corrected my mom many times. His stepmom also calls our 1 yr old Kinsley, her name is Kinley.

my mother in law does this she doesnt forget her name she just called her a different name because supposedly couldnt pronounce. but dont like what she calls her i dont think she likes it either daughter. she calls her petey or petey dink but dont know how to go about telling her sense she older and stubborn.and how u gonna come up with this daughter name lillian

Some people aren’t good with names…in a phone call I can say yes this is Mia (Pronounced Mya) and have my conversation with them and they will go thanks for calling Meea :roll_eyes:

My mom does this. My daughter’s name is Aleeyah and my mom calls her by our dogs name, Ayla. I just let it roll off my shoulders.

If it’s a unusual/unique name you can’t really get mad at him a lot of people can’t pronounce unusual/unique names correctly

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Put a purposeful name tag on her whenever you take her round? Lol are you sure he doesn’t have memory problems?

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My grandad hated my cuzzo name and would call him Jim instead of Eric. :joy::joy::joy:


Immediately correct him like you would a child and tell him you have had to do that a lot

My ex husband still can’t spell our daughter’s name, she’s 7, it isn’t difficult it’s Audree…

My grandpa could NEVER say or remember My first name which is Kierston so he gave me the nick name Nicki bc of My middle name being nicole lol also can’t remember my kids name half the time… Then again neither can I😂 I have 7 get their names wrong all the time💁

My grandpa helped raise me. For the first 9 years of my life I was his only grandchild. When I was about 12-13 years old my name became confusing to my grandpa. But he could remember my two younger siblings names. He would often call me my mothers name, Vanessa or Van. But never my name. I am now 25 years old and he doesn’t know who I am, nor my siblings or my mother. He has dementia. In this situation I would be as supportive as possible, consistently remind him who your daughter is. And never make him feel bad for forgetting. My grandpa laughed it off for years, and then he became frustrated and honestly couldn’t remember my name. It’s truly heart breaking.


I would correct his stupid ass every chance I got 💁

When he says the wring name say who? Or act like you have no idea who he’s talking about…that’s what I’d do. When he says your daughter, I’d say oh you mean (insert name)?? I get annoyed over that.


My grandmother called me heathen and I’m named after her Charlotte so your call

I can hardly remember my name half the time . If he’s old then is possible that dementia is starting to creep in

My step mother constantly mispronounced my daughters name and I always correct her. She acts like it’s no big deal but it is. Names are important and since our kids are too young to stand up for themselves it’s our job to make that correction.


My mother called her first born granddaughter Audrey all her life her name is Audra we just laughter and went with it

I get upset when family spells my daughters name Divine wrong or say it wrong. I would make me feel like he didn’t care enough to actually learn her name

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I have a 7mo and my parents are old, like 70’s, and their minds are not as sharp as they used to be. My dads’ hands shake when he burps my son, and my mom doesn’t usually call my son by the correct name on the first try. However, they are my full-time care providers and I know they love him as much as I do. My mom delights in every diaper change, my dad loves to watch my son roll around on the floor. Maybe when my little guy is older, I will have to talk to him about why Grandma/Grandpa don’t always call him by the right name, but for now I just appreciate that they show him unconditional love when I can’t be home with him.

I’d just call him out on it.

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