Which therapy would be best?

Occupational therapy and or play therapy… anyone have a 3 year old who greatly benefit from it? My son was physically punished by his last daycare teacher (already handled the situation) and it has led to some aggression issues especially while dealing with big emotions. My SO died two years ago and I just feel like I need some more help undoing the things he was taught at daycare. He’s starting a new preschool next month and I want him going in on a good foot. I just don’t know anything about any of this I guess.

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A lot of reinforcement and positive interaction. Hands are for hugging not hitting. If your really thinking you need therapy then I personally would opt for play, but you’ll still have to do your part and correct his outbursts

Definitely suggest play therapy for your situation​:heart: If OT is needed they will tell you​:heart::heart: Goodluck Momma sending love​:heart: