Which vehicle should I get?

I am finally getting my mom vehicle and I need some advice new is out of the question with my credit so I am stuck between a 2021 Subaru outback with 17,000 miles and a 2021 Kia seltos with 33,000 miles both are about the same price with payments the same so my question is do any of you moms have these cars to help me with my decision making


I would hands down go the Outback.

Love my Kia’s. On my 4th one. No problem with any.

Love my Outback it’s a 2014. It’s dependable and the 5 years I’ve had it I have had 0 issues besides regular maintenence and replacing the brakes. It’s a good reliable,pretty decent on gas miles. We feel safe traveling with our baby.

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I would diffently go Subaru

Subarus are safe, mine never broke down

Subaru is best I have one n no problems unlike my dodge n Nissan

Subaru is pretty relaible.

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Outback!! I traded an outback for a new Kia Sorento and was the biggest mistake.

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forget the KIA. The one I have is a nightmare,

Subaru will hold its value better. Go with that one


Have Kia and they replaced my engine with no cost out of my pocket and have had it 3 years. I’ve honestly had no problems with my Kia as long as you keep up with the recalls, but ALL cars/trucks have a recall going on now a days. but I do have the optima sx. My insurance didn’t go up either and I think that depends on where u live. If u had to pick between the 2 for suv wise, then yes Subaru isn’t bad. But here is another option that people overlook for safety and value, look into Volvo with their suvs. Most people smug at their appearance (older models), but I’ve been finding them the way to go.

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I’m on my 2nd Kia and both have been money pits. I say go with the Subaru.

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Subaru holds its value way better than a Kias plus they tend to have less mechanical issues down the road with proper maintenance.


The subaru is probably going to be easier to work on when the time comes. My boys complained incessantly about working on my kia. I prefer the outback I had to the kia I got a few years ago.

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Kia might not be insurable. Some insurance companies don’t cover certain models due to theft.

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Kia brand is just generally not great especially for longevity and depreciates pretty fast. Subaru is known for reliability and in my opinion would be the better investment.


Kia is the worst and get stolen very easily. I would go with the Subaru.

Personally, I’d go with the one with less mileage, if they’re around the same price.

Subaru is a much more dependable vehicle


Kia’s get stolen so often. My friends have an Outback and they love it. I’m pretty sure it’s at least their second one.


Subaru is way more dependable and will last much longer than a kia (we have an old 2002 station wagon with about 250k miles that just had the transmission go out and until now was good with just basic maintenance and parts upkeep) but depends how many kids you have/ their ages. Outback will be cramped if you’ve got more than 2 in car seats


Depends on what climate you live in. If you live in the North/North East, you’re going to want 4 wheel drive in the winter. If you live in the South, you can get away with not having 4 wheel drive.

I sell used cars….the Subaru would be the better choice. They’re such solid cars with excellent safety ratings. And it’s going to be more dependable than a Kia.

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I heard a saying once, if you love someone, don’t put them in a Kia.


if i had to puck from the 2 id go with subaru. i had bad luck with the last kia i had…2 weeks after i bought it the motor blew and then 3months after i got it back after getting it fixed i got tboned and got messed up pretty bad. :upside_down_face: ill never own another kia agaon

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Kia has had bad engines lately & u don’t hear too many bad things about a Subaru


Stay away from Kia. Between the two I’d pick the Subaru.


Subaru hold their value and drive forever if taken care of. Hell not even if you don’t now I think about it lol. Kinda like Jeep, they just keep taking a beating. Kia s are kinda known for being cheaply made.

Kia will have higher insurance due to all the thefts lately

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We had a kia and it was the worst vehicles we ever owned


DO not get a kia ! …
Look at a Mitsubishi outlander 2018 v6 !
They have amazing warranty

Do not get a KIA! My mom had 2 different Kias that had engines blow with less than 100k miles. Subaru actually have great crash testing and are super reliable.


I’d IMO avoid Kia and Hyundai insuring them Is a nightmare or $$$ because most carjacked


Subaru over Kia for reliability

Man, the Kia is SOOO expensive in insurance. And I’ve heard nothing but nightmares with recalls and repairs.

Kias cost a tun to insure right now that alone pushed me to the Subaru

Don’t get Kia, Subaru are a great car

Kia is horrible. Do not get the kia.

Go with th Subaru…check for any recalls on both. KIA HAS HAD SOME. Don’t believe Subaru has ever had any. Get answer IN WRITING FROM SELLER!!!

Get the Subaru, in the long run you will have a more dependable vehicle that will last, you would be throwing your money away on the Kia!

Subaru’s are very good family vehicles. They are rated well. Kia’s a very well known to get stolen they are easy to steal.

I don’t know much about either of them as I have a 2015 Terrain and a 2000 Dodge Ram for me to drive. A lot of the newer models are having issues due to the PVC outlet being placed on the side at the top of the engine and the factories trying to give the new 4 cylinder engines the same power as 6 cylinder engines from 10 or so years ago. This is causing the engine to produce more moisture which then gets recycled back through your intake instead of just gases which then causing lagging because it bogs down the throttle body. An easy fix for this is to install a catch can. My vote is Subaru but see if they have these same issues so you can get ahead of it and make your engine last longer

Subaru! My daughter is on her 2nd one and she absolutely loves it!

My daughter just got a 2023 Kia Forte. Her insurance isn’t bad. I hope it lasts her for a bit.

From a mechanical point of view the Subaru is just as dependable as the Kia but Subarus are stupidly expensive to fix if anything goes wrong where as Kia is cheapish to fix and plenty of parts available.

100% Subaru! If for nothing else than for the safety. Kia will smash like a tin can taking everyone inside with it.

I would go with Subaru. The Kia is NOT A RELIABLE CAR!!!