Who handles the bills in your relationship?

Question. Who deals with the bills in your relationship, your husband or yourself ? Or both. Personally we both do cause we have separate accounts but it’s coming to a point where my husband sucks at bills lol so I was just wondering how does your situation work for you


We both do. I pay some of the bills, he pays some. If for whatever reason one of us can’t pay ( for financial reasons) then we help eachother.
If he forgets to pay a bill or for whatever reason doesn’t- I remind him to do better, just as he does with me. We’re not allowing weaponised incompetence over here. We both have weight to pull and we’re both grown adults who should be held accountable for our responsibilities

My husband and I have a joint account. Most all of our bills come out automatically, so that we don’t really have to worry about it. The few that we do have to physically pay, it’ll usually be me paying them either on line or in person and then just telling him what I paid.

I pay the bills. I have my husbands card info so I use his card to pay the bills. I have water and rent that comes directly out of my paycheck and I buy food with my paycheck. He makes more than me so he pays all the other bills.

We have a joint account. We always have . We have never done the my money your money thing.


I pay all the bills but he can still see where money is going. His motorcycle insurnace comes out of his account and he pays his Harley himself. I handle everything else.

I pay the bills. My husband wouldnt know where to begin with paying the bills. Joint account


I have complete control of the money, it all comes to me, but we have joint accounts and spend how we like.

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We share a bank account with duplicate cards and we kinda freestyle it. Meaning when a bill is due we usually just end up asking each other if we paid it yet. We are not married and have two kids he works I stay home but we have always had a joint account.

We used to have separate accounts and each paid certain bills but helped out where needed. Then I realized he overdrafts his account a lot. Like a whole shit ton. I made him get added to my account and closed his and I take care of all the bills and the money now. I tell him how much he’s aloud to spend a week without telling me what he’s buying and anything over that has to be approved to make sure we can afford it at that time.

I do it all The hubby wants nothing to do with it and I tell him how much he can spend. Good luck

One account. He works and I stay home. I make sure everything is paid and handle finances, including our taxes. Seemed the logical choice given accounting was my major and I’m home.

We both have jobs and our money goes into a joint account. I’ve always handled the bill paying process because it’s what works for us. I keep a monthly sheet with our bills listed in somewhat of the order they are paid. I put on there how much was paid, when it was paid, and when it cleared the bank. If ever needed, he should be able to handle the bills himself.


We both have separate accounts and pay half of everything. But I’m the one who remembers when everything is do and pay them.

We do seperate also. Separate checking and savings. My husband is good at taking care of his share

I’m a stay-at-home, he works. Joint account. I make sure all the bills are paid. Recently I just put all of our bills on autopay, which makes it so easy.

Everything is separate. We both work n pay our own bills. N the rule is if you can afford it you can have it.

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We have our own accounts, she pays the mortgage and her own cc and I pay everything else. When a big purchase is needed we figure out who is better off financially at the moment and go from there.

We have separate accounts but I’m also on his account if I need anything most of the bills come out of his account he makes more then me and I have a bill that comes from account then I do all the food shopping due to us making to much money we don’t get anything from the government

We have separate accounts that our paychecks are drafted to. Then we have a shared account that pays all the bills. I draft a certain amount out of both of our accounts on payday for bills and savings and pay them out of the shared account.
We also have a shared credit card that we use for the points and pay off before the end of each billing cycle. So, each time he uses it, he’ll let me know how much and I’ll pull it out of his account to pay off his balance.

I have not experienced that situation before ( never married neither lived with a man ) I will not care to have separate account but , for my sake and peace I know that I will have to be the one in charge of the bills ( not saying that I will pay for all ) but , he will mostly have to transfer his part and I will handle the payment and stuffs

You and husband should have a shared account and pay for everything with it. If you don’t, you’re basically roommates.

I’m a stay at home mom so he makes sure things are paid. I always have to remind him when something is due and how much though

I do lol He gives me his part of the money and I pay for everything needed with it.

My ex-wife and she ducked everything up

Separate accounts. But we both have access to them. Both pay bills