Who is in the wrong?

Okay, yall, help me out here. I need to know If I am in the wrong or if my husband is just being a butt. He sets his alarm every day for 5:30 am. But when it goes off, he gets out of bed to get it, wakes me up, and then snoozes it and comes back into bed with his phone. It goes off two more times until 6 am, when he finally gets up to leave. I find this inconsiderate and get mad every single day about this and tell him he either needs to set his alarm and get out of bed at 5:30 or set it for 6 when he actually starts getting around anyways. It makes no sense to me when he does this, and I do not have to be up until 7 to get our three kids around for school. I think he is being inconsiderate; he thinks I am because I get mad when he brings his alarm back in bed and keeps me up when I do not have to be.