Who will get custody/school year

Fan question; who is likely to get custody ?

Me and my daughters father met in 2016 and from the beginning our relationship was toxic because he shot my father while drunk. We continued our relationship after that fact because me and my father didn’t have much of a relationship anyway, and they knew each other beforehand, two years into our toxic abusive relationship we had our daughter, I have dealt with abuse from this man for years; and shortly after our daughters second birthday in September I left and came back to Arizona with my child to escape our abusive relationship and get to where me and my daughter could both excel with tons of family around, keep in mind he wouldn’t allow me to get a job; go anywhere and most the time I had to walk a mile to the store to get whatever my daughter needed because we didn’t have a vehicle. Since I got to Arizona I filed a restraining order immediately; for me and my daughter unfortunately he fought it and got my daughter taken off because I couldn’t prove he abused her but they kept mine in order, he then went back to Louisiana after he fought the restraining order here and got a completely false civil warrant, that I fled with his child and I’m a terrible mother that’s probably on the streets, doing drugs. I have had a history with drugs but have been in recovery for 5 years and have only had minor slip ups here and there, he knew me and my daughter were coming to Arizona because before I left him we were planning to move our family here; plan was for me to go to Arizona get my license GED and he’d meet me out here, well that planned changed and caused us to fight more because he always makes plans to better our family and then retracts them as soon as he gets a better job as a self employed carpenter work is hard to come by, why we planned to move in the first place so we could get more stable jobs and we could both work. Anyway we fought about that after he got shit faced drunk and called me every name under the sun. So I left, he filed the false civil warrant and our court date was set for December 16th I got it postponed til January 13th as I live thousands of miles away and needed to plan, didn’t stop his lawyer and him from going the 16th and having my postponement thrown out under some law, and they gave him custody full custody that day of my daughter because I wasn’t their to defend myself; he is also on felony probation for mayhem and has 3 years left to serve with many terms of his probation he is still not following and I have the proof for; I also have proof he abused me for years and knew I was coming to Arizona before I even left LA, he also lies about several other pointless things on this civil warrant which liars will that I can prove are false; he also has no skills on co parenting it’s I do as he says or I can’t see or video chat my daughter. The only thing he has on me is me relapsing in 2020, but since then I have flourished got a car; my own spot where I’m paying rent a job where I got promoted in less then a couple months am working on my GED; and am in a program that has been helping me maintain my sobriety. Please tell me my chances of getting custody of my daughter ?? I don’t want sole custody I want to allow him summers and holidays we agree too, but I deserve and should get the school year, I haven’t mentioned that he has literally no one in Louisiana part of the reason we were gonna move our family, but when he decided he wanted to stay and fight me and somehow miraculously got custody by default his mom decided she’d pack up and move to Louisiana to help raise my daughter because he CANT do it on his own, shouldn’t that speak volume in itself? I don’t need anyone to move states to help me raise MY DAUGHTER I got all the help I could ask for, and she has tons of family here that love her to death. Y’all please comment give me some hope !! What do you think?

Honey, I feel for you and I hope your situation gets better. Stay motivated on the challenge of remaining sober. I don’t know much about the courts when it comes to custody because my oldest daughter’s dad is a deadbeat. However, I would think that if you have a steady place to live and judging by his criminal history, you should have no issue getting the custody arrangement you want. Good luck to you.