Why are babies fussy?

I have a 1 month old baby. She is very fussy all day no matter what we do. She sleeps pretty good at night. Wakes up 3 times for a bottle and goes right back to sleep. Well during the day she is extremely fussy. Not full out crying but constantly flailing her arms and just looks very unhappy and if were not holding a paci or bottle in her mouth she starts fussing and eventually full out crying. She is fed…changed…swaddled and unswaddled…gripe water…gas drops in her bottles…everything we can think of. Well hold her and pat her…rock her…nothing calms her down. I thought she may have reflux like her brother but she doesnt spit up, she doesnt arch, no signs of reflux at all and shes on similac alimentum (what my son was on to treat his reflux) she eats well. The only thing i think it could be would be is maybe shes constipated. She poops every 2 to 3 days. People say babies are fine to go like 4 to 5 days without pooping. Idk my son used to go twice a day everyday so im wondering if that could be it? But everyone says it’s normal to go that long. Any suggestions? It seems shes gotten fussier the older she gets. Were out of ideas and its hard seeing her so miserable. I spend most of my day just trying to keep her calm.


Sounds to me like she probably has colic. I didn’t find any at home remedies that worked. I took my son to a chiropractor starting at 1 month old and by 2-2 1/2 months old his colic was pretty much gone and by 3-3 1/2 months old he was sleeping through the night.

How often are her baths? Sometimes they are just tired and need freshening up

Carry her around swaddled to your body. She is probably overwhelmed by the hub bub and noise of the day. Other cultures do this successfully.


It could be silent reflux? My baby girl has that and she doesn’t spit up much but when it’s going up and down her throat continuously she flails her arms like she’s sooo uncomfortable. She also has never had problems at night.

… if she doesn’t have any other signs of reflux though it may not be it. So sorry your baby is uncomfortable :weary:

They do get cranky when the dont poop daily i find my son was the same, try moving her legs up to her belly and back getting some movement going in her belly, also some babies like to go for walks in their stroller or rides in the car, maybe warm bath with some lavender. Heres a list of somethings you can do, Baby constipation: Top 7 home remedies

Gerber probiotics drops

I give gas drops separately and not in the bottle. Made a big difference with my daughter. Also do you have a baby carrier to wear her during the day? It helps to soothe by being close and also keeps her upright to help with colic.

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Breast fed babies can go for days without pooping but formula fed babies should poop about once a day and gas drops or any medication for that matter should never be put in the bottle, always give meds in either syringe or other measured dispenser.


She should poop everyday

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She sounds like she has colic. Colic can hit at any time. She should grow out of it by 4 months. In order to teach her how to poop, bicycle her legs and rub around her belly button. It works wonders! We done my son from the day he was born and he now at 4 months goes everyday at the same time. He also kicks his legs non stop and is so advanced for 4 months old…

Tommee tippee nighttime paci saved me around 1 month bc I didn’t have to hold it the whole time.

It’s normal after 3-4 months to poop every couple days. That young (4-5 weeks) she should still have stools daily.

Yeah I thought it was normal my kid wasn’t pooping everyday and it was every 3 days. Well turns out he’s lactose intolerant switched formula and bam he poops everyday sometimes twice a day

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Sounds like colic.They usually out grow it by 4 mons.My Doc told us we would just have to ride it out.He outgrew it at about 3 mons.I would take the baby to the Dr just to make sure nothing else is going on.

My son goes a few days too without a poo. He acts the same way. We do leg movements with him that seem to help, and gas drops. I was worried about him not having a poo every day, but when I called his doctor they said it was normal.

Take her to the Doctor.

Take her to the Doctor.

My daughter was that way, it turned out, she wanted to watch television. We tried nursing, changing her diaper, changed her clothing, held her, cuddled her & finally turned on cartoons! Quieted down immediately. We started using the radio after that.

Maybe change the formula. That’s what I did . Then my baby had regular poops. he was on enfamil and it was just way too much on his tummy so I switch to the off-brand kind and he loves it works wonders for him. Just an idea…

Try gerber soy my daughter had the same issue we switched her to soy and its was a world of diffrence good luck mama!

Starting to teeth maybe, some babies start teething young

Try a gentle formula like the orange simalic. Thats what helped my son. Hope everything works out. I know how hard that can be

She should be pooping daily. Maybe a probiotic or look up tummy rub videos to help things and make sure you’re preparing her formula exactly as specified by the manufacturer.

Is she over tired? My kid was down right unpleasant for a few weeks and I eventually took her to the doctor because I thought for sure something had to be wrong. Nope, nothing. Started putting her to bed earlier at night and forcing the map issue (she was refusing to take them), and she’s much happier now.

Both my sons were like that after about a month or two of bf. Tried a few different formulas and found the Similac Sensitive lactose free was perfect for both of them but either of them are lactose intolerant. It was just easier on their tummies and they were a happy baby. At 8 and 3 they happily enjoy regular milk.

Take that child to the drs don’t depend on what other mothers have done with their child. Praying for her.


Try a tiny amount of cereal. Or applesauce in bottle in can help constipation or just help them feel more satisfied

She may be allergellic to milk that’s the way my daughter did she’s was

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Perhaps she needs a probiotic and soy formula and something to help her go daily. 2-3 days for a 1 month old is a really long time. Please take her to a doctor and let them know what’s going on. Even though you don’t think she’s having symptoms of reflux, she could very well have it.


My 3rd baby did that. Turned out she just wanted to be put down, in her own crib, sometimes she wanted to sleep on her tummy by her self. She grew out of it, now she doesn’t want to be without me when she sleeps haha :sob::sweat_smile:

Does her poop look ‘normal’ to you?

Is colic or need to change the formula

My little one was like that too. I switched her to the Gerber Soy and she was better after that.

it might be the lactose content maybe talk to her doctor about switching to the soy version to see if it would help

Try changing formulas. Is she over stimulated? Under stimulated? Those make for cranky babies as well.
My child (still!) Poops anywhere from 3 to 5 times a day. It is normal for some babies to poop once every few days and others, like mine, it is very abnormal.
Contact your doctor. Mother always knows best when it comes to their little one. Do not lot a dr turn you away claiming babies just fuss!

At 1 month all bets colic.

Crying usually means pain or discomfort look into her possibly having a type of autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis infants can have it but they’re not able to tell us that they’re in pain look into this I’ve seen other babies have it and we’re diagnosed until into being eight nine ten years old check into it now so that she can hopefully get some comfort if this is possibly

My daughter was like this until about month 3 then stopped the fussiness. Shes balls to the wall all the time though. She might just be hyper in a tiny little body. Mine is nuts. Lol.

I know this is hard to hear and harder to do but my grandmother you sy sy sometimes. BBY just needs yo cry

I helped my Grandson by distracting him with toys, singing or pretending that the 1 month old could talk.

It’s not normal for a baby to go that long without going!!!