Why are infants so fussy?

Hi mamas. Had my baby girl last Friday. First child. And I’m wondering if it’s normal for her to be so fussy and rooting to eat only 2 hours after eating 2 ounces (sometimes 2.5). She sleeps all the time. And when she’s awake I talk to her and interact, but it’s not long before she starts rooting and screaming for more food. Should I feed her whenever she gets fussy or bump up her food amount to 3 ounces? I was told by the nurses at the hospital when I had her that over feeding her could stretch out her tiny tummy. So. Is it normal? How much and how often did your new ones eat? She’s formula fed and I’m working on pumping some but I’m going to have to stop once I go to work since I’m a CNA and can’t stop to pump.


Sounds pretty normal to me. I wouldn’t up the amount yet, just let her eat when she wants to. Your doing great! It’s exhausting but doesn’t last forever (I’m sure you hear that a lot)

Babies don’t know how to over eat. Her job is to eat, sleep, cry and poop. Her tummy is tiny. She was eating a buffet when inside you. Feed on demand. Cry, eat, sleep, repeat is for the first 3 months of life. Lol


My kids started off eating 3-4 from the start every kid is different you will learn …

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I was told by nurses as well that I should be feeding her every 3-4 hours

Mine ate every 2 hours on the dot. The hospital tried having my youngest eat every 3 hrs but that was a no go for me. Feed on demand.

What do people think babies do??? Does anybody have a clue about reproduction and child rearing before they squeeze them out? Don’t look like it.

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I fed on demand. Babies are all different. If you overfeed you will know

My son ate 4 oz at birth.

Bump up her food until she is satisfied. Some babies need a little more. If she throws it up you know she ate too much. She just may need to eat more often. Dont make her go hungry because someone said to feed a set amount. No One is exactly the same.

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Legally your work has to let you pump and feed her when she’s hungry


She is a newborn. Newborns go through rapid growth and need to be feed on demand not scheduled feeds. When she is rooting feed her.

Some babies are lil piglets lol my nephew always ate like double what my son did all babies are different

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Silver I’ve been off of work my almost 15 month old wants the boob all of the time. When he was an infant he would go anywhere from an hour to two hours before wanting more.

Its very normal. Did ur nurses not tell you about cluster feeding also?

Fed my newborn 2 oz every 2 hours. Sometimes every hour and a half. Some times ever 45 minutes depending on how she feels.
You can always up how much of a bottle you make but she will eat what she wants.
I always tried to feed my LO more and she was never having it. Even if it was every 45 minutes.
Babies grow almost nonstop the first 3 months. My daughter was about 5 months before she stopped getting up every 2 hours to eat.

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Babies cluster feed right after they are born…they feed almost constantly which in turn makes your body get the milk supply going. Im not sure uf u r breast or bottle but either way its normal. Feed that baby when its hungry however much it needs

Newborns usually eat every 1.5-2 hours in the first few weeks so it’s completely normal. They also sleep the vast majority of the time. She will become more aware as she gets older. I would leave it at 2 oz for now and feed her when she’s hungry.

The way your daughter is behaving is normal. General rule of thumb is 1-1.5 oz every hour so if you feed her 2 oz, 2-2.5 hours later she would be hungry. :blush:

Feed your baby when she is hungry! Always!! A hungry baby makes for bad company. A hungry baby makes for a cranky mama and a cranky mama makes for an every crankier baby!!
My dr told me to out my daughter on a schedule.
HA!! She eats what she wants when she wants. She’s a big girl who always has a smile on her face and gets super excited about food!
But, let’s face it. Who doesn’t get excited about food???

Feed that baby! My baby is 9 weeks old and eats 2-4 oz every 2 hours.

They are all different. Don’t listen to nurses when they tell how how much/ how often to feed baby. Your baby is brand new, she is not on a schedule. Feed her when she is hungry no matter when that may be. My son ate every two hours when he was first born, and he would cluster feed every 45 min to 1 hour when he had a growth spurt. Also, is she satisfied when she finished a bottle? Does she still cry when done? If she seems ok then she’s probably full but if she continues to cry, burp her then offer more if she’s still crying.

My son was also formula fed from the get go and ate about 2-2.5 ounces every 2ish hours. We fed him when he was hungry (the bottle wasn’t our first go to though. We check his diaper, burp him, cuddle, etc. then bottle if nothing else was the problem). I hope that helps

Feed on demand. Cluster feeding is what they do to make your body make more milk if your nursing but its normal. Also it’s legal here to take pumping breaks at work. My daughter ate about ever 1 1/2 to 2 hour’s though.

Is it possible she needs to be burped. Or do you have a pacifier. She may want to suck . Careful not to over feed at this time just because she is fussy. Do you have a baby swing so she could rock .they are great

Totally normal their tummy’s can’t fit alot in so they are constantly feeding make sure you burp well after feedings

My kid ate 2 oz for like 3 months. We had her on strict schedule. Every 2 hours. If she is consistent of finishing bottles up it to 4oz and see how she does. A lot of people give bottle every time the baby cries. When they are that little they haven’t figured out how to push it out yet when full. So keep an eye out on that. Don’t want to stretch the tiny belly out.

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My first was every 2-3 hrs like clock work normally closer to 2 hrs. My second is every 2 hrs like clock work unless hes snoozing on a car ride. Sometimes when hes growing he’ll even want more every hr and a half once or twice a day. But not often. If baby is hungry then just feed her or him. They normally dont drink if they dont want to. Just keep an eye out for to much spitting up. Spit up is normal but TO much can be from over eating.

Newborns only eat and sleep. It’s hard to be a human!!!

When i thought my kids were hungry i feed them.

Yes it’s normal when her tummy tightens up tho she may be gassy it’s hard to tell lol but some just wanna eat eat eat poop sleep sleep sleep repeat lol

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Mama you got this your baby will let you know when she is hungry but yes it is normal

Feed her she is hungry

If she’s rooting every 2 hours, she’s probably not getting enough. I’d up it and see if she lasts closer to the 3-4hr mark. If she seems like she has tummy troubles when you give her more, then she’s just not ready. Every child has different needs though, and at that age, I’d let her eat whenever she’d like.

Every two to four hours is fine. If she’s hungry then feed her. Babies work off of instinct so if she is rooting then she’s hungry. My baby was the same way and I had no idea she would be hungry what seemed like all the time! Just make sure the diapers are matching what you’re giving her and that she finishes her bottles, burps all that. It helped me to write down the times for the first week of when she fed to when she slept and diapers, it let me look back to remember how long and if there was a changing inbetween and was very helpful

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I nursed on demand.one bottle a day . pacifier.wont take . Put suger on it. Works like a charm!

You can pump whenever you want it’s a law and they cant fire you for it!

Every child is different. She’s fine, stop stressing!

2 oz every 2 hours is perfect! Mine were all formula fed, and did 2 or 2 and 1/2 every 2 hours or so.

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Don’t up the amount you’re feeding at a time, just feed frequently/on demand. It’s normal for babies to clusterfeed. Their bellies are tiny.

Feed on demand. Congratulations on your little girl!

Some babies need more than others. Some are hungry babies :baby:
Up the feeding by an ounce at a time.
Baby will be much happier and so will mommy

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Feed her on demand, this is normal

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Mommy knows. Trust your instinct. What do you think and feel? If you feel that you need more help, call your Dr. That’s what they are for. You pay them hard earned money. They are a good resource. Also you can call the hospital and talk to one of the nurses on the maternity floor or one in the nursery. They have a feeding specialist too.

My daughter would drink 4ozs when she was a newborn. And after 7weeks was up to 8ozs at a time. And i fed her whenever she was hungry. I didnt keep her on a super strict schedule. She’d eat every 2-4hours though.


I just had my son and they told every two to three hours feed him if he wants more then give it to him they will let u know if its too much

Feed her when ever she hungry doc will tell u it’s ok for them to be Piggy’s at this age

babies will root, doesnt mean they are hungry but if feeding her again helps then maybe she needs more food

My daughter was drinking 2.5 to 3 ounces every 3 hours of formula plus breast milk at that age

They know when they are hungry. Like wet diapers and all. Feed normally they won’t take more than they need.

Do you use a pacifier? One of my three had to have one . She was like yours acting hungry constantly after just gorging her sent daddy after a pacifier and she was fine she just wanted to suck all the time not hungry at all .

Have compassion Marisa bitch…anyways…my first born was always hungry…my mother-in- law was the lifesaver and told me to add just a little bit(1/2 tsp)cereal in formula!!! Very happy newborn!