Why are my kids smearing poop everywhere?

My kids are all potty trained, they have been for some time. Lately they have been taking their underwear off and pooping on the floor and smearing it on themselves and the walls. There has not been any changes in their lives or anything at home that would cause them to act this way. I’m at my wits end, I don’t want to spank them or anything, but stern talks and timeouts are not cutting it. I’m constantly having to clean and sanitize the walls and bath them. Has anyone else been through this? How can I break them of this habit without causing them to regress? TIA


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why are my kids smearing poop everywhere?

You make them clean the stuff up.… you get them gloves and some buckets of water and stuff to clean the walls.


My oldest son would do this when he was a toddler. Turned out to be one of the many signs of his autism.
But the way I got him to stop was when the last time he did it, I had him to help me clean it up and I left him a little spot on the wall and let him cover it with clear paint.
As long as that small spot was there, he wouldnt even touch his poop anymore.

Tell them when ur happy and when ur sad…

Tell them ur happy when they poop normally, (“but show ur happy, I might get a ice cream cos I’m so happy (or something simple like a packet of frogs) or im so happy you done that we can go to a park“
when they make the mess then say it makes you sad. An see if they understand it that way….

I do this when it’s pack up time at night.
Pack away toys and mum is happy so they dance to music before they go to bed. (It’s something they love), an they now ask if I’m happy after they done it. My son claps cos he doesn’t talk yet. But he seems to understand it.
If they don’t listen then they ask if I’m sad an they prefer to say I’m happy.

My son was a little cheeky at first an laughed when I told him I was sad but they learn quickly

A good tap on the butt does wonders and teaches consequences, also make them clean it up

Make them clean it themselves, until is CLEAN CLEAN


Make them clean it up. My son pooped on our porch once thinking it was funny til I made him clean it. He never done it again and gagged the whole time. Lesson learned.:woman_shrugging: Didn’t take spanking or yelling or screaming just a simple made him clean it.


I know not completely the same but my oldest bonus son got lazy started to poop his undies at 10 first couple times I washed the undies till I said no more I started to make him lean over the sink and scrub them his self he gagged puked a few times it was a fight at times when he realized he will have to do that every time he didn’t get up and use the bathroom he stopped going on himself

Make them clean it upp


I’m with the other writers. Make them clean it up. Stand over them with the fly seater if you have to. Flick it back and forth across the backs of their legs. It won’t hurt them but they’ll get the idea. What they are doing is a health hazard.


Make them clean it! How old are they?

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I have heard that some children with sensory issues do that. You are supposed to talk with your family physician as well as anyone else involved in their care to be on the same page. Hope this helps!

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Yes, I agree make them clean it. And depending on how old the kids are you can embarrass them by threatening to tell their teacher, or doctor, relatives, etc.

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What if they are one or two

Mark then clean. They will learn that it’s not fun having to clean up the mess.


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Me son done this from being little like 18months used to take his nappy off was told of the early years practitioner and health vistor it’s sensory but almost every child dose it at least once last time he 6 a made him help clean it not all of it he couldnt do the bedding etc but a did make him wipe the wall with antibacterial spray

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How old are they?
Make them clean everything up themselves. And when you think it’s clean enough, have them go over it again to make sure. I’d also invest in some finger paint, because if it’s a sensory issue, that could potentially curb their want for smearing poop. It might also be a good idea to monitor when they go. If they’re on a pretty consistent bathroom schedule, you should be able to catch them in the act and stop it, or prevent it from happening to begin with.

If they already spent the time smearing it with there hands all over themselves and everything else why does making them clean it seam like a punishment??? Over exaggerate extremely how nasty it is I mean think of the nastiest grossest thing u can to compare it to and repeat it over and over how nasty it is…then for fun (not when everything’s all poopy) stick them in the tub with something acceptable for them to smear (bath paint shaving cream) redirect that smearing energy somewhere else!

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Make them clean up their mess!