Why are my sons bottles all of sudden leaking?

My son just turned 10 months old. He’s always used Advent bottles. Now all of a sudden he’s leaking formula out of the sides of his mouth. Like a lot. Half the bottle I would say. I have to put an extra cloth down to help soak it up. I haven’t changed the nipples size or anything. He’s still on slow flow. What is happening?


Nipples should be changed every 6 months. We breastfed so we followed by the book & used slow flow all the way up until 12 months of age. But they still need to be changed


Nipples stretched, the hole gets bigger over time, they need to be changed

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I would just throw the bottles away. He should be drinking from a cup by now.


Just switch him to a sippy cup.


Bottle nipples are like tooth brushes. They have to be changed out every so often. They chew on them and stretch the rubber. So just change them out.


Sometimes babies bite the nipples and it makes the holes bigger.

Does he chew on the nipples? It could be causing the nipple to have a rip from that in it causing it to come out faster.

He Prob made the hole on the nipple bigger.

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Replace the nipples. They wear out over time.

He is probably teething and chewing on it, so then it ends up spilling


The nipples may be getting too soft and flexible and allowing milk to leak

You have to replace the nipples ever so often I do it every 2 months. Because it wears and the hole gets bigger.

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He needs to be off the bottle he 10 months


Change out the nipples every 6 months :smiling_face:

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Maybe time for new nipples?

I would Switch to a sippy. Sounds like he teething and chewing on them.

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Teeth women and start giving him milk in sippy cup

At 10 months I would just throw them away. He should’ve been using a cup by now


You probably need to replace it the nipple

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New nipples would be my best suggestion… but my kiddo started using a sippy cup at 10 months if I remember correctly… she started drinking milk, because after 5 different kinds of formula I was exhausted from her being so sick… projectile vomiting and losing weight… she actually started to thrive once I switched to regular milk and a sippy cup… but if you’re not ready for that yet just get new nipples!

Most likely he’s just chewing on them and the milk comes out much faster.

Time for new bottles or upgrade on the nipples

Chewing holes in the nipples with his teethies just be glad your not breast feeding lol