Why could my baby be crying?

My son is 4 months old, 5months on the 14th. He’s always been good, never cried much. Slept all night. Well recently he’s been crying ALL day. He won’t take food, pacifier, or stop when I hold him. I have tried gripe water, gas drops, those little soothing tablets, toys. He was recently in June put on baby laxative. He’s always been on reflux meds. Could this be bc of the laxative? I haven’t given him any today. I am going to stop this week just to see what will happen. I’m going to call his doctor soon and ask what’s going on… is this normal for his age? Should I look for something else? I’ve checked for anything causing him pain, I see nothing. I usually bathe him every other day (I know some moms do everyday lol) but I’ve changed it to everyday just to soothe him when I need a break. Idk what this could be or what else I can do. He won’t sleep much anymore, I feel like he’s taking so many short naps throughout the day, I would like to stop those so maybe he will sleep all night. Is there any type of schedule I can put him on? I have always been a “he makes the rules” as in when he wants to eat and when he wants to nap, and I’ve never had a problem. But now I am having soo many. I haven’t slept in so long it feels like. I get about 3 hours a night. Can’t nap during the day bc he only naps for 15 mins at a time! I know this is a lot of requests. But HELP?! :disappointed: He also screams all night. It began with screaming all night, then turned into all night and day. He is lactose intolerant and on nutramigen formula!


My son was diagnosed with this. He cried for 4 months straight.

Laxatives are very hard on anyone esp babies. Make you cramp really bad.


No advice, but I hope your baby feels better and you get some much needed rest soon :sparkling_heart:

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Sounds like what my youngest does when hes teething hes now 7 months or maybe a tummy ache? Have you tried bouncing? I usually lay my baby belly down on my arm and support his back with my other hand and bounce or swing him and it usually helps…

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I had the same problem with my little guy when he was that age, I gave him prunes from the baby section. I still give them to him every other week.
Hope he starts to feel better! Good luck momma!


First I want to tell you I am sorry it’s so hard right now but we all have been there. I would definitely look in to PURPLE crying my son had it terrible and sometimes only being worn and walked out side in the fresh night air would help him.
I definitely recommend a probiotic over the laxative, my son had terrible constipation issues and tummy problems. We were on a hypoallergenic Formula and the probiotic which definitely helped us. Also i want you to look at sleep as Developmental, some babies sleep longer stretches before others and technically sleeping through the night is a stretch of 4 to 5 hours per our neurologist. Also when they are that young they only need to be bathed 2 times a week because their skin is so sensitive you shouldn’t do it everyday as it can dry it out.

Please seek out a second opinion from another pediatrician.


Maybe he is teething, sometimes that causes a baby to be very fussy for days on end. Could try some infants Tylenol if your pediatrician approves of it…that way if there is any pain (maybe not a visible pain) he can get some rest and let his body heal from whatever is bothering him. I’m sorry you’re going through this but I’m sure it’s only temporary. Have him go to his pediatrician and get a wellness check…to rule out anything that isn’t obvious to you. Good luck Mama.

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Definitely take him to see the doctor. Better safe than sorry.

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He’s colicky! My sisters son did the same thing for months at the same age, he was also on special formula to help with it all… Nothing helped him and he cried constantly! The only time she got him a little happy was putting him in a swing on high speed and he calmed down for a short time! Good luck it’s a hard road but it will slowly get better! It took my nephew about 3 months and he was back to his happy self!

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My daughter was like that too her first few months she slept well and cried little but when her teeth started coming in it was another story it could be he is teething and it will pass

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My middle son was like that. It lasted months and then he all of a sudden (what felt like over night) just stopped. He was on nutramigen and baby zantac. I feel like all he did was cry.
Try and get him on schedule as best as you can. It makes it so much easier to spot issues when you can get him on somewhat of a schedule… it’ll help you sleep too!

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Let him chew on a lemon…acid in it soothes the gums.