Why do babies gag on bottle?

Has any of your babies gagged on a bottle before?? We are using Mams bottles like I did with my first baby but every time I try to feed her I have to play with the bottle for her to take it, if not she’ll gag on it. Just wondering if maybe it’s the type of bottle or maybe I need to make a doctors appointment. She’ll be 3 weeks Tuesday our next appointment is the 1st.


finding a bottle for babe is all trial and error !
Try different ones, mine loved avent and nothing else !

You could try pigeon bottles, they have a shallower teet, message me I have some small bottles I’m happy to give if you’re in the area :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ya my daughter did with the Nuk bottles I changed her to tommee tippee and she’s fine xx

MAM bottles have a really fast flow, we usually introduce them between 6-8 weeks as baby becomes a more efficient eater.

My girl choked on Phillip’s avent the milk comes out way too fast, we use dr browns colic bottles now and have noticed a HUGE difference no more choking, less gas etc.

I would try another bottle I had one baby like playtex with with inserts, 2 Tommy tipi and my last avent and all were initially breathed

Id really recommend avent! Make sure you grab the one for 0 to 3 months old. And only buy one bottle at a time to make sure it works for baby before you buy more. So you’re not wasting your money.

It could be the nipple

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The flow may be to fast for her. Check it and if you need to get new nipples with a slow flow

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Try dr browns premie nipple. They’re slow flow and work great

My baby did that for awhile too he got use to it though in no time

My daughter did it when was a premie thou and it didnt matter the bottle if it was my nipple or the nipple shield hospital tried all other options then decided she needed a syring and then when she finally took a bottle I still had to use premie nipples because the others where to big and would gag her

It’s the bottles change brands. I suggest dr browns! :blush: we used them for my preemie and never went back to avent

My daughter gagged on the bottle nipple for sooo long until she got the hang of it.

Different flows as well

The hole in the bottle is to big

Are you using the right age nipple?

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Mine will only take Avent bottle

8 had the same problem with mam bottles I had to switch to dr browns

What size nipple? Make sure it’s size 1

Try a slow flo nipple

Dr. Browns have been awesome for us! Less air and bubbles!

Nipple is too fast prpb

Could be the nipple may have to go down a size

Maybe use a premie nipple…sometimes the nipple is too long for their mouth and makes them gag

Right nipple…to large of hole maybe

Dr Browns are the best

Maybe the taste of the nipple.

Try a smaller nipple. Maybe the nipple is just too large for thei little mouth. Also, look into the flow of the nipple you have. Too quick of a flow will have your kid choking.
I am going to assume she is formula fed. Try a different one if these other ones don’t work.
If she is breast fed try switching up your diet