Why do babies hate the car seat?

Hey Ladies.
Please help, my 6 month old boy hates the car seat. He will cry his lungs out as soon as a put the safety belts on. Can’t give phe pacifier he just spits that out.


Could the straps be too tight?

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Put a car seat toy he can play with. It’ll distract him.

Both my kids HATED their carseats at that age too

My daughter is one now and everyone since she was born she cries every single time she’s in the car seat/car and still does to this day …just gonna have to let them cry I tried everything toys , snacks, music, and she just don’t like it…good luck

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My youngest was the same way. Best thing you can do is keep doing it. Get him used to it.


Put a portable player with sesame street playing these work well because you can move them from one head rest to another

Can’t go without it though, got 2 stick it out, if u give in 1x that’s it, they will think cry equals freedom, stick to your guns


Could be the problem of being held down. A lot of kids are like that. Put a mirror up so he can see you or a car DVD player, give toys

My kids loved a DVD player they watched it… Baby Einstein was in when my kids were little.

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Make sure he’s strapped correctly and the straps aren’t eating into his shoulders, and the buckle isn’t squishing his area.

This is pretty normal, but they need to be in a seat.

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I was always the mom who wasn’t going to have any DVD players in the car. Then my first daughter came around. She HATED the car and screamed every second of every car ride. We tried everything and the only thing that worked was a DVD player with Baby Einstein playing.

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Just get you some good tunes hun. Maybe place a toy to play with. Otherwise he’ll have to just cry. I know that’s hard

Try a different seat?cold be very uncomfortable

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Mine too, I make sure he is fed before and have toys handy. Sometimes he is good, for the long rides I tie an iPad lol on the seat while he watches baby einstein

2 of our boys screamed in the car for a year for no reason.

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Mine hates hers too! I hate putting her in it but she’s gotta be in it so I just give her my phone with Netflix on it🤣

Eh, i mean, that one kind of is what it is, not much you can do. Maybe give a couple ounces before the ride, toys that clip on to the seat with lights and sounds? We used to rig this one toy to our daughters car seat meant for her stroller, it played music and had lights and a bunch of stuff she could grab on to, also try a mirror? Other than that, only other suggestion I could think of would be to try to find music he likes at home and play it in the car

My youngest was like this until she was like over a year. Car rides were horrible

My oldest was like this. She was a fussy baby and people would say take her for a car ride …nope…she would cry and cry until we discovered the song by the Pussycat Dolls Don’t cha made her stop crying almost instantly…needless to say that song was on a continuous loop in the car

Do you have the mirror back there for him? My daughter was the same way but I think it was just because she didn’t like that she couldn’t see anyone. At least with the mirror she sees herself lol

Same here. Just kinda gotta tough it out. Sometimes I put my phone in a baggie and hang it so she came watch Netflix. Sometimes it works, sometimes she still cries.

My son hates anything with straps. His swing, his car seat, his stroller… just make sure the straps are positioned correctly and take a deep breath.

We had to buy a different car seat and it was a total difference.

My youngest son hated being in his car seat and cried the entire time since he was about three months old and nothing helped. He is almost 4 now and has thankfully outgrown that.

If the passy doesn’t stay in his mouth try tommee tippee nighttime passy. It saved me.

All 3 of mine hated thr carseats when they were infants… I’m currently pregnant with my 4th & I pray she not the same way

Get a convertible seat. My son HATED the infant bucket style seat and would scream the entire time he was in the seat until we switched

Too tight maybe?? If you’ve checked all that…some kiddos just hate carseats and or car rides.

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Maybe it is uncomfortable and hurting him. Readjust the straps.

My 3rd baby screamed EVERY CAR RIDE for about the first 3 months of her life. It was fun…thankfully, I didn’t go a whole lot of places. Eventually, I tried playing the Lullaby Themes station on Pandora and that did the trick. I had to start it as soon as we got in, though or she’d get started and wouldn’t stop until we got out of the car. Good luck!

Toys, music, and snacks is what works for my fussy baby

My granddaughter was the same way until she was big enough for front facing.

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Check for fluid in ears

Have the car seat evaluated by fire sept to make sure you have him in there correctly and comfortable and then put some toys they have lots of car sear things to attach to the handle

Ck to make sure there is nothing wrong with it maybe poking him or making him sit uncomfortable. Fetl all around , just a thought .

Switch car seats. That stopped with mine when we upgraded them to the convertible seats