Why do babies refuse their bottle?

Okay so I’ve got a doctors appointment for my daughter this morning but I just need input.

She is 10 months old and ever since she woke up yesterday is all of a sudden completely refusing her bottle (formula fed).So I’ve looked in her mouth and throat to make sure I don’t see anything that could be bothering her and I doubt it’s teething because she eats her food & snacks just fine and she’s not fussy.Ive monitored her temperature also. There’s no reason I can figure out as to why she won’t drink.Ive tried offering in a cup plus I’ve been following her around with a big medicine plunger full of formula as a desperate attempt to keep liquids in her lol

I found something on Google about babies all of a sudden going on a “Bottle Strike”.

Anyone experience their baby suddenly refusing to drink? And reasons why?


Have you tried water in a sippy cup ?? Is she refusing all liquids or just formula???

Welcome to parenting. Nope there doesn’t have to be a reason. Offer her a sippy cup or straw to drink from. I’m curious is not drinking from the bottle the only reason you are taking her to the pediatrician?

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My son did this and I gave him the straw sippy cup and he would drink he has never taken a bottle again.

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My daughter done the same. Or would only drink from a cup/straw… i think she thought bottle time ment bed time so she wouldn’t drink her bottles til she was dog tired…only lasted a month or so…

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Yes- happened frequently and randomly with my girl (now 17 mo and still has random bouts of drinking/eating things and then hating them the next week lol)- don’t worry about it. at 10 mo you can offer her water, too, but honestly it’s a phase that will pass and probably the more you’re trying to push the more she’s getting it in her little will to fight you on it (at least that was how my girl was) lol is there a reason you’re worried about liquids? like puking or diarrhea? she gets liquids from foods too so you should be good! honestly still might be teething- it messes with their tummies! also, she may be over formula (yay mama!) since you said she’s eating well…baby led weaning :slightly_smiling_face: as long as she’s a good weight and you have a balanced diet you’re offering, she may just be ready this week (and not next week hahaha)

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She might be weaning herself off bottles and formula. My son did. She most likely is fine, but you are a great Mom to check it out with the doctor.


She will drink when she wants to. I doubt she will do herself any harm just keep offering it. (Maybe without the medicine dropper)
And I guess it’s ok to get her checked out but I wouldnt bother unless I thought something is actually wrong. Dr can’t fix stubborn :wink:

Time for a sippy cup. Be glad the transition is smooth.

My son did that at 8 mo, started drinkg from a sippy cup and no more bottle, was wonderful once I relaxed about it. Just go with it.

My daughter did this at nine months, after 2 days of absolutely no liquid intake I took her to the ER (Canadian here so it’s free). She spent 3 days in hospital. First night was tubed due to dehydration. Kept hearing she’ll eat when she’s hungry, drink when she’s thirsty. Didn’t happen. We ended up alternating between Tylenol and Advil and she eventually started taking fluids again. They figured sore throat but they don’t swab kids that young. She was on Tylenol and Advil for almost 2 weeks before she’d drink or eat without it. I asked the doctor each time, how long do I wait before it’s too long? Never got an answer. Not trying to scare anyone, just trying to share my experience in hopes it may help.

If she refuses to have a bottle…then see if she takes a cup with a straw or sippy cup. Is it only formula she doesnt way? Have u tried milk or water? Does she not want any kind of liquid? Buy some water melon. Has tons of water and will help keep her hydrated and its delicious lol

Doing right. Ask the expert.

When you try to chase her with formula it prolly makes her think your giving her meds or stresses her out more feeling ur stress. Relax and offer it to her in a new fun way

Yup and just keep a bottle of water or juice for her and when she gets hungry or thirsty for it she will drink it…