Why do breastfed babies spit up?

Hi! FTM question here. How much spit up is normal for a 4 month old breast fed baby? She’s a small baby but my doctor says he isn’t concerned about her weight. She seems to spit up constantly!


As long as your baby is gaining weight and seems happy, you are probably over estimating just how much shes spitting up. Their little muscles need to develop and they will usually outgrow this by about 12 months. Check your diet, occasionally it can affect how much a breastfed baby spits up. Honestly it’s quite normal.

The reason he isnt worried is because she is probably a “happy spitter”. Meaning she still gaining weight and isnt losing any

My 3 month old spits up alot too. my pediatrician told me to burp him for 5-10 min after every session. Maybe changing your diet would help?

Mine is bottle fed, 6 months old and still spits up.
As long as your baby is gaining weight it is not a problem. I figured out my kid was actually eating too much causing her to spit up so much when she was smaller.
Never hurts to double check with your baby’s dr just to make sure it isn’t gerd

Mine did a lot of spit up because of me eating foods that were a little spicy. Turns out he had acid reflux. They gave me a little dropper and some meds for him. They also had me start eating a bland diet. At 6 mths I began to pump to bottle feed him during the day so I could see what amount of oz. He was taking in and nursed at night time until I winged him. I was pumping enough for twins. The doctor said he could have been drinking to much when nursing and that made his tummy upset to spit it up. So 2 different issues but hopefully that helps. I did pumping for about a year so I could use it for cereal for him to have the breastmilk and for daycare.

It could be one of a few things making her spit up. She’s taking in too much at once, she has acid reflux or something you’re eating is bothering her. Does she spit up after everytime she eats or just a few?

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Make a doctor appointment n tell ur doctor u feel the spit up needs to be further examined but as long as its not a large amount a small amount is normal since babies sometimes spit up when they have eaten to much or dont feel well etc but baby spitting a large amount n weight is slowing down that when they get concerned my son has has belly issues since birth wasn’t to bad til he reached 8 months he stopped gaining weight screamed when he ate n he would spit up amount equal to a ounce or so at a time after a feeding we had use gripe water till we got him into the doctor so he could eat he cant eat alot of regular foods he has a food protein induced enterocolitis he 1 now n is on formula still plus foods low in protien. My advice is talk ro ur doctor n make sure they listen to u.

I would look at what your eating. The little one may not be tolerant to certain foods your eating.

It could be all of the above or it could also be a development milestone. Is she trying to roll over any or starting to sit up? This is around the time their little stomach muscles are being used A lot, which can cause an increase in spit up. As long as she’s still gaining and not dehydrated, she’ll be ok

She may be over eating and that can cause them to spit up so that’s normal for allot of babies since they don’t tend to take in air form the boob but burning can still help and maybe cut her off a little shorter than she would herself. My grown daughter always called my youngest milk drunk cause he would smile and drool excess milk lol. As long as she is gaining then you’re doing fine and I wouldn’t worry so much.

if doc isn’t concerned I’d say baby is fine.

spit up is normal but throwing up which is different is not normal.

I had over supply. So she spit up tons.