Why do bresatfed babies throw up?

Seeking advice about breastfed baby throwing up.

My baby is 16 days old and he just recently started vomiting on every feed he is (breastfed) it scares me because it’s like he’s about to choke on his puke any tips on what should I do take him in to see the nurse and or dr… please help FTM here! 5:43 am haven’t slept yet keeping a close eye on him.


Is it spit up or projectile?


If it’s projectile take him to doc ASAP. If it’s spitup, could be something in your diet. Maybe he has a milk allergy


It may be something in your diet… what does your diet mainly consist of?

I second the milk allergy I could not drink milk when breastfeeding my oldest he had intolerance for it. Caused stomach issues. Also could not ear garlic and he needed to be fairly upright during nursing and 30 min after due tp GERD

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Could be somethimg your eatimg, make an appointment and ralk with the babies pediatrician
Also make sure your not over feeding baby

My little puked it all up to. I had to switch to sensitive Tummy formula

Could be something or nothing. Top ideas would be your supply is In full force and he’s over filling up due to a fast flow.
Or it could be an intolerance like dairy in your diet
Or reflux.
It’s not emergency just mention it at a Dr appt.


Could be a allergy, could be reflex, could be Pyloric stenosis. I’d have him seen immediately

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Try feeding less and burping in between feeds. It will settle

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Try cutting out dairy first. If that doesn’t work, he might have reflux. If you’re not already, sit baby up for atleast 30 minutes after each feeding. Spitting up in newborns is normal to a degree, both formula fed and breastfed. Projectile vomiting isn’t. Either way, I’d talk to his doctor.

My baby did the for about two weeks. As I had a very heavy flow once my milk really came in. I had to hand express a bit so it wouldn’t be so fast for her. Burping half way through helped alot too.


Make sure to burp him. I thought breastfed babies didn’t need to be burped but apparently they do. Sit him up for a bit after a feed.

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My daughter did this she has a lip tie

Projectile vomiting? Spitting up is normal. Maybe feed him less and burp him well after session. See the doc

call your pediatrician

Possibly too much fore milk, I would go to a lactation consultant and then his doctor

Make sure to burp! Every time you switch sides burp

I’d start with what everyone recommended, feeding less before burping and cutting our dairy from your diet. I know it stinks (I ended up having to do it too) I also cut out spicy and extra acidic foods because they upset my baby’s tummy and we dealt with spit up and acid reflux. Altering my diet helped her a ton and made it so I didn’t have to switch to formula. Best of luck to both of you :heart:

First off talk to your pediatrician before making major dietary changes.

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Burp him every 2 minutes. Have him sitting upright while he nurses. After second burping stop nursing for awhile. Don’t let him get too hungry. He’s probably gulping air.

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Burp him dedicatedly! They say after every ounce…which is a little harder to judge. So just time it…burping is a huge part of seuccesfully breastfeeding. Good luck momma.

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Check with pediatrician!

Make sure you stop feeding to burp him, it may be gas bubbles trapped under the milk

You can roll up a blanket and put it UNDER the mattress of his bassinet or crib. The angle will decrease the likelihood of checking. This is what my pediatrician recommended for my baby with bad reflux.

My daughter was just like that after every feeding she would projectile vomit every time they switched her formula 4 times with in 3 weeks ( including breast milk ) after some testing and numerous hospitalizations she was diagnosed with dysphasia and reflux … I would take him to the doctor just to make sure it’s nothing to serious and if it is then you can figure out the proper way to deal with it… Good luck momma I have been there and its a very frustrated exhusting and emotional situation

My son had the same problem and I took him in and the nurse pretty much laughed at me. :roll_eyes: she said as long as it wasnt projectile then it is normal. My son grew out of it luckily

Probably your milk coming in too quickly. Overactive let down. Try a more upright position while nursing and burp often. You can express or pump until the letdown has slowed and then latch baby

It could be something your eating doesn’t agree with him.

My daughter puked like crazy til her doctor put her on soy come to find out both of my kidos have an allgery to dairy my sons didnt kick in til I stopped breastfeeding and tried to introduce cows milk he was almost 3 every kids different

Spit up, or projectile? If spit up, burp before and after feeding and hold them up right, if projectile then see doctor.


Call the.dr its not regular

Is it vomit or just spit up? There is a big difference.
If projectial go to dr asap


yes that is not normal hold him upright burping but what are you eating he’s most likely having a reaction to something you’re eating whether you’re eating something spicy something too acidic change your diet

Check to see if it’s a reflux issue. may need a simple surgery to fix.

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My twins just got over this at 3 months. Burp him multiple times. I know it’s scary but he will be ok. My doc gave us ranitidine and assured us they weren’t going to choke on the spit up.

Burp him. Have him sit on your lap. Hold his chin between your thumb and index finger. Now rub his back in an upward motion. NOT UP AND DOWN. just upwards until the wind comes out

Make sure he has a good seal when he feels cause there should be zero air getting in and maybe cut him off sooner than normal so he isn’t over feeding, yes it’s still good to burp him after feeding but they normally don’t have air in them if they are feeding properly.

Burp several times during feedings. Might be acid reflux, they will put him on medicine to help with that until he can start solids. My boys had to sleep on wedges becuase of their reflux, helped tremendously! Could also be reacting to something in your diet.

My child did the same thing and she had a Malrotation and twisted intestines and had surgery. Definitely go to the doctors. Mine did it after every feeding. And it wasn’t small spit up but vomit.

I’d take him to ER to run some scans, that’s not normal.

Mine did this too! It had me terrified. Her doctor prescribed these little tablets that I had to dissolve in a teaspoon of water and spoon feed it to her. It definitely helped. It was almost five years ago but it had something to do with acid refluxes. Doctor said there was nothing for me to do/stop that some people just have it really bad

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Try using a breastfeeding pillow for elevation

Make sure you’re burping him during and after he eats, and keep him a bit upright (as long as he’s not laying flat) after feeds… he may have acid reflux as well, you could ask your pedi about ways to help that


my son did this with breastfeeding. Had to put him on soy for the first 7 months. No issue with acid reflux, but did have issue with dairy. I’m not sure an ER trip is necessary, as that is usually reserved for emergencies, however I would recommend a call to the dr.

My breastfeed baby has AR and GERD.

could have a dairy allergy. nurse him in an upright position, burp frequently, and make sure your milk isn’t coming in too fast. if you have a large letdown he could be over eating. reflux is a huge possibility also. burp burp burp that baby!

My baby did the same thing there was just sooo much every feeding for weeks the doctor said it was just reflux and he grew out of it

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Trust your instincts, if you are worried I would seek medical advice.

Sounds like reflux. Try frequent feeds, burping in middle of feeding and keeping upright/ propped after feeding for about 30 minutes. Also change up your diet to very bland foods. We eventually had to put on Zantac because it was that big of an issue. I think this warrants a call to the DRs.

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Could have acid reflux🤷🏼‍♀️

Sounds like the AIDS.

He could have picked up a bug ,Check with DR. thay can dehydrate very fast at his age, no to get upset ,it’s just the start Dad :blush::scream::mask::heart_eyes::astonished::person_raising_hand:

ER if it’s in the middle of the night

Take him to the doctor. Spit up is normal, vomit that makes him choke is not

He could have acid reflux or babies can also have an issue w the ileum hardening u should def bring baby to doc baby may need to be checked n probably monitored

He may have reflux . Make sure hes propped up a bit and if it keeps up id go straight to the drs

Go to the dr. U might have to change the milk,

It’s reflux, take him in and they will start him on medicine, which may take a few days for u to really notice a difference, but it will help if u cut out dairy, spicy, and acidic foods! It’s so scary watching them choke. Just turn him over and let gravity help when he’s choking. Also read up and watch video on clearing babies airway/cpr. And keep the nasal aspirator they give u at the hospital, the hard brown one, that thing is a literal lifesaver for a reflux baby!

An allergy, perhaps? Go to the Dr, get.professional opinion

I’m son dod that and it was acid reflux, he wasnt breastfed though