Why do I feel like I will throw up when I am hungry?

Don’t cut off foods for a long time. Focus on eating smaller portions throughout the day instead of bigger portions 3 times a day. Choose “healthy” snacks. You should never be starving yourself to lose weight and diets are ineffective- make it a lifestyle

You need to eat. Your body is trying to tell you to eat !! Try something small and healthy like am apple.

Losing weight doesn’t mean depriving oneself of food. Just change up the food. You MAY be detoxing from sugar or caffeine … that is THE worst part of diet changes :disappointed:

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Do you have pcos? If you do it’s really common for the extra testosterone in your system to actually make you feel starving for no reason. Kind of like a teenage boy that eats all the snacks in the house, only without having puberty to burn the energy. It also tanks blood sugar which makes you hungry too. I actually had to start timing when I eat because I feel hungry about constantly from it. Went from 250 and now I’m down to 160. It took awhile but pcos also makes it almost impossible to lose the weight once it’s on

Have a healthy snack before you get to that point. I’m the same way. I’ll be fine then the next minute I’m about to throw up I’m so hungry

Blood sugar issues cause that. I had the same problem until I quit all sugar, all starchy carbs and went keto. Watch Dr Eric Berg videos and Dr Sten Ekberg videos for more information.

Have u had ur thyroid gland check out ?? .
Its crazy what it does ! ! !
Thats my problem i found out …
Get it checked out …

Sometimes being under a lot of stress can make our bodies do strange things.
Maybe have smaller meals more often throughout the day and lots of water

Sounds like you need to heal your gut microbiome. I used to feel that way, then I worked on healing my gut. It’s been about 2.5 years and I’m glad I did. I still take my supplements daily to keep a healthy balance.

Ask you doctor about contrave

I only feel this way during my pregnancies but when I brought it up with my doctor he said it was related to blood sugar and eating protein with dairy like eggs and cheese for example would curb stomp the feeling out quicker than anything. I took his advice and it absolutely helped me

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That’s how I would feel when pregnant…

Please read the Trim Healthy Eating Plan"…it is so nourishing, such good advice on how to eat…recipies…Its an eating plan for a life time.

Try milk ,it will make u fill fuller.

It’s the acid in your stomach causing it in an empty stomach