Why do I feel like I will throw up when I am hungry?

I struggle to lose weight but my body constantly feels hungry and i know thats why…im not just hungry when i am hungry but if i do not eat i feel like i will barf and my stomach doesnt feel good at all…what can cause this? i just wanna get to a point where i am not over eating because if i dont i feel so sick…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why do I feel like I will throw up when I am hungry?

That’s how I felt when I was pregnant. When I was hungry, I was nauseous


Sounds like a very good question for your doctor to explore and answer for you. There are all kinds of conditions related to the stomach, and I don’t think anyone is qualified to answer your question, unless they are a doctor who can do blood work and tests to determine what the issue is. It sounds to me like a serious enough issue to warrant a Dr. visit. Good luck … I hope you’re able to find out what the problem is & get it resolved.


Are you diabetic? High and low blood sugar can cause this. So can IBS, EPI, food intolerance, allergies, ect. Literally hundreds of reasons/causes. But the one that is most likely is T2D.


I would look into reflux it doesn’t always present as expected and what I thought was constant hunger pains was actually acid in my stomach


May seriously have something to do with acid reflux, have doctor send you to a gastroenterologist. It’ll be well worth it

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I had that problem and found out I had gallstones. I had to have my gallbladder removed.

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Talk to your doctor. They can do some blood work to try and see what’s going on. Also, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Your blood sugar may be dropping. Eating small healthy meals may help you not to get sick. Munch on things like fruit, veggies, nuts and things of that nature for snacks.

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I get like that because of acid reflux


Eat small snacks and eat only when your NOT hungry. This way you never feel insanely hungry. When choosing these small meals, make sure they are fruits and vegetables. This way your body doesn’t crave sugar.

Definitely see your dr for blood work etc. I had these same issues and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Get your sugar checked, constant hunger & nausea could be a sign you are hyperglycemia or have crashes where your liver is dumping & it causes your blood sugar to shoot high then crash. That was my issue. I am diabetic because I had a ton of food intolerances & wasn’t able to eat & then would be sick & here my blood sugar was all over the place. Get checked out for sure. You don’t want to be diabetic at 35 believe me


My first thought is eating disorder.

I would talk to a GI doc. Peptic ulcers can feel like hunger pangs.

Has happened my whole life…. Healthy or not!!! Then I’ll get a headache


I chew gum to combat this. And drink water or tea. Peppermint will calm that stomach turn feeling. So peppermint tea or gum is great. I’m chewing Trident, lately. Thanks for the post, I thought I was the only one who had this. Also, smaller portions, and better food content help, try to cut sugar out. Over eating sucks, I used to do that too. Hurts.


You should talk to your doctor. You could be diabetic

If you do the Keto diet it can be a side effect. You literally lose your appetite


I dealt with the same until I lost the weight. I learned that ginger is a great stomach soother!!

Granola, root beer, etc. I changed all my white foods to brown (wheat bread, wheat pasta, and brown rice). Potatoes are my vice. I eat only when I’m hungry.

I’m 43 and lost 65 lbs doing this and have maintained for over a year now! You can do it!

Feeling Nauseous After Eating? Here Are 10 Reasons Why | HUM Nutrition Blog?

Could be low blood sugar from irregular or long intervals between eating.


Sounds like your diabetic. Your sugars are getting low.


Im the same hun and headaches

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Have you seen a doctor and Psychiatrist about this?


Sounds crazy, but hear me out. :rofl:

Get some child sized plates & bowls, & use them when you eat. Have many small portions thru the day, at 4 hour intervals.

You have to train your stomach & your brain as you help shrink your stomach back to normal size. Having small portions multiple times a day will help you feel fuller longer but still allow you to cut your amounts.
This also boosts your metabolism as you are asking it to work all day & night instead of just working overtime a few times per day.

Eat things high in fiber such as apples, oats, whole grain breads & pastas, beans, fresh fruit & veggies, & drink lots of water every day. If you like fruit, add chunks of fruit to your water.

Good luck on your journey :purple_heart:


Crash in blood sugar. Make sure you don’t skip breakfast and eat regular meals. I get like this sometimes. Could also be dehydration. Make sure you’re drinking enough water. Also fiber rich foods will keep you fuller longer and you need enough protein…


I’m the same way. If I don’t eat, I get so nauseous, then when I do finally eat if it’s been a while I’ll get diarrhea because I guess I waited too long. What helps me is eating small meals through the day rather than the average 3 meals. I also track all my food because I am also on a weight loss journey. It also hugely matters WHAT you’re eating.


Sounds like you let your sugar get too low. That’s how I feel when mine does. Eat something with protein, not something sweet. Peanut butter on a cracker. A piece of cheese. See if that helps. If not ,you need to go see a doctor


Happens to me, usually means I’ve been eating too many carbohydrates then when my body gets hungry it gets nauseous. I have to push through then once I’m eating healthier I don’t get hunger pains at all.

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When your body thinks it’s starving, you will feel sick. Depriving your body of food is not a proper way to lose weight. I have been through weight loss journey a couple of times after child birth. All of the life long lessons I learned, I learned at Weight Watchers. If you go to the meetings, you can learn so many tips from your leader and other people. More than you would learn online alone. No, I don’t work there. I am actually disabled and don’t work anywhere. I’m just Sharing my experience. I lost 70+# the first time I joined and 50+# the second time. The good thing about W.W. is you learn healthy eating habits, it’s not a diet or a product. So, there’s no huge weight gain when you stop. I learned to eat several small portions throughout the day. Stop when I am no longer hungry - NOT WHEN I’M FULL. I learned to take food with me when I leave the house so I don’t feel I have to get fast food. You didn’t put the weight on overnight. It won’t come off overnight. Be patient. Good luck with your journey!:purple_heart:


I get the exact same way. Sometimes I will get shakey too. I was diagnosed as a borderline diabetic though a few years ago and always assumed that was why. I had my gallbladder taken out 14 yrs ago and think that also has something to do with it


I’m the same way. When I get really hungry I start to feel nauseated and my stomach cramps real bad but I just ignore it and and it goes away after a while. I do Intermittent Fasting a lot to loose weight and so I know the pains of the stomach.

I had that feeling in my stomach also and under the breast bone it would actually hurt.
My dr put me on pantoprazole meds and it fixed my problem…
Good luck…I had everything u mentioned…

I would talk to your doctor, but your stomach acid will do that when you enter into the keto stage, I understand you are trying to lose weight but you need to do it in a healthy way. Good luck and wishing you the best on your new journey.


Definitely see your Dr. And if they don’t give you a satisfactory and useful answer, get to a bariatric specialist. A good one understands exactly what’s happening. For me, it was carb related. My blood sugar was bouncing all over, causing me to need to eat, or be sick.

I get the same way. Of I wait to long to eat, I feel like throwing up, then after I eat it takes a while to feel better.

What I notice helps, it when your hungry, grab a snack between meal time, plums, bananas, carrots or whatever you choose.

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Maybe ibs I get this, I’ve stomach issues one is ibs. But also bile acid reflux
But also anxiety. Could be a variety of things. Best bet is doctors.

Things that helped me out:

Eat every 2-3 hours in small amounts. Find out which foods fill you and which ones make you more hungry.

Have 1-2 glasses of water prior to eating. If that doesn’t work, carry a water bottle and sip all day long.

Stay active and watch your stress levels. The urge to eat more will happen if your stressed.

You could also be experiencing heartburn, which to some people will make them think they are hungry. If normal eating doesn’t stop this, take an OTC heartburn pill and see if that helps.

If these things don’t help, and your possibly trying to lose weight, they do have prescriptions for appetite suppressants. I was on one prior to being pregnant and it did help with the urges and cravings.

If after doctor intervention it doesn’t get better, speak up. It could be a medical condition.

I used to feel exactly like this. First the more carbs you can cut out the better you will feel and the less hungry you’ll feel. They’re addictive. Second I actually had Graves disease so my body was telling me I was starving. Everybody’s like with Graves disease you’re supposed to lose weight, but my endocrinologist which was a specialist even in that area because of how severe my condition was, said that is incorrect. 30% of people with grave disease actually gain weight. We tried some medicines that I was allergic to because there’s not a lot for Graves disease, I went in to a thyroid storm which is hugely dangerous and they ended up taking my thyroid. They put me on T4 and that was supposed to be sufficient but I was still always so hungry and so sick to my stomach. And motion sickness like crazy. So they did more tests and said your thyroid amounts are fine. And I went back to them and said no they’re not I’m still so sick. They did a more in-depth test checking my free T3 and found out it was non-existent. So now I am on T3 and T4 I have lost over 80 lb because in a year’s time I had gained a hundred with this disease. No joke a hundred pounds and I was working out and I was taking boxing lessons and horseback riding lessons and I was still just piling on the weight and always sick.

Same here and I always have to eat chocolate to take the pain and nausea away :see_no_evil:

Need a Dr visit soon. Could be a number of things. Diabetes for one. Don’t ignore it please


There are many issues that can cause this. The best thing to do is make an appointment with your doctor for a check up and explain to them what is going on. Make sure you include that you are trying to lose weight. I had almost the same issue but would actually throw up. They determined mine was GERD but no medicine or diet change would help. They did more test and I have a rare condition called Gastroparesis. So the best thing to do is get seen by your doctor.


My problem is the new medication I am on for Fibromyalgia and new Blood pressure med. I will get really hungry where I get shaky then I will take a bite and I am full and I just want to throw up. All I crave is fruit, salads and lots of water. I love ice cream but now I don’t even care for it. One spoonful and I am done.

Snacks here and there.
I eat smaller portions more often; less big meals.
I’m not a morning person but my kids are. I end up having coffee and then more of a brunch then breakfast. No lunch. Dinner with the family, then depending on how late I stay up a small snack.

Mine is the same way. Its like my stomach acid is literally eating my stomach and makes me sick to my stomach. I either eat something light just to coat my stomach or take some Pepto…again to coat your stomach and chill that acid down lol

Definitely sounds like a blood sugar thing—same happens to me with a hypoglycemic episode. You should see a dr and nutritionist for optimal assistance in your weightloss journey.

Eat more frequently! Usually when you feel that way it’s because you have gone way to long without food. Try breaking meals down into smaller portions and more frequently.

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Talk with your doctor about this hun. Anxiety along with some medical reasons will make me feel like this. Just a case of figuring out what’s going on for you.


I felt this way when I first started having thyroid problems

If I get hungry, I get the dry heaves, it’s just how my body is, I’ve seen drs.

First off big hugs. And then from my heart :purple_heart: please go and talk with someone. Sending loving and healing vibes

You can eat as many veggies as you want when you feel like this drink water eat veggies and fruit . Your body will adjust it’s just your stomach shrinking. Your retraining it.

I get nauseated and the shakes - it’s a blood sugar crash. Easiest way around this I’ve found is prepping meals and snacks ahead of time and setting times reminders to eat. With 3-4 Littles here I frequently forget to eat and drink

Seek medical help and when you feel hungry try a glass of water first. Sometimes we refuse thirst and hunger

I think that’s normal to feel nauseated when you haven’t eaten at all… you should stick to more smaller meals throughout the day and also see your doctor.

Make breakfast full of protein so you stay fuller for longer. Drink more water. Choose healthy snacks and snacks with protein. I think just changing a little at a time would help. Protein keeps you fuller longer and helps you lose weight. And I get the exact same way if I don’t eat. I hate breakfast first thing in the morning. So sometimes I will drink some water and eat a spoon of.peanut butter to get rid of the sick feeling until I am ready to eat a meal


Stress makes me feel hungry

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Yea the only time that has happened to me was each time I was pregnant sooo maybe try and rule that out :woman_shrugging:t3:

Look up Gastroparesis, what you are describing sounds alot like it . I know because I have it and went thru exactly what you are describing.

Mine was my sugar would drop.

Have a thyroid screening done.

Possible thyroid issues. I have bad thyroid and this is how I have felt most my life.

I’m this way as well. Doc said acid reflux, I take Omprazole(sp?) in the morning now. It’s really helped.

It’s more what you eat than how much you eat. Weight watchers is a good program to teach you what foods carry what points and how many points you can have a day some foods have zero and you can eat all you want of them.

You are dry heaving (also known as retching).This happens to me all the time.Look it up you will be surprised at how much it fits your situation.Will you let me know when you do.

You need to see a doctor.

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You need to see a doctor.

Go see an endocrinologist

just maybe, it’s a thought, go to your Dr & explain this to him, if that Dr won’t listen maybe a gastro Dr might :slight_smile:

Ariana Badger any of this sound familiar?

I used to feel like my stomach was eating itself… you should see a dr

I’m the same way! Whenever I’m hungry I get nauseous an then since I’m nauseous I don’t wanna eat! It’s been this way for years for me. I even get sick after eating anything.

Typical of a sugar addiction. Anyone eating the standard American diet is addicted to sugar. Depending on your weight this is typical. Especially very heavy set people will struggle anytime they try to fast (or not eat for any given time) Try to give your body electrolytes (potassium and sodium) rather than food when you feel like that and change the food you eat. I recommend keto or at the very least low carb to break the sugar addiction.

Get your insulin levels checked. Im diabetic and this is how i feel when my sugars are out of whack

When I get extremely hungry I get sick my self …

Low blood sugar … also if you eat really sugary food and your always thirsty that’s a good sign your diabetic …

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Hypoglycemic. It’s exactly the same for me

Happens to me. I question if it’s hunger or do I run to the bathroom

I used to be this way it eventually went away maybe you are not eating the right foods when you do eat but it’s a question you should ask your doctor not us hun try eating crackers when you feel sick

Sounds like blood sugar is dropping too low. Eat small meals often, drink plenty water and ask the Dr for a fasting blood sugar test to check for diabetes

Do Metamucil daily 2x3 times a day take a good multivitamin and B Complex from the Vitamin Shop and eat protein for breakfast and protein and good carbs for lunch snack with protein in between meals and protein and vegetables at supper time and allot of water

You should likely go see a dr

Two main things

1- human bodies should eat small portions more often.
2-3 big meals a day is not great.

6-8 small meals/healthy snacks is better and keeps the metabolism active

2- water intake.
Whatever your body weight is divide in half is the minimum amount of water you should drink, more if you’re being active

If I wait too long to eat I’ll get sick to my stomach and it’s hard to eat

Someone please like my comment so I can come back later to read through :two_hearts:

You might have parasites that sounds like what it is…. Get some wormwood or parasite cleanse from the health food store or mountainmeadowherbs.com you can also just eat 6 palm size amount snacks everyday instead of 3 square meals and drink like a gallon of water a day.

This a question for your doctor not the internet

Eat small more frequent meals

Look into herbal life, sugar free protein shakes, protein bars with low carbs, protein balls, and sugar free meal replacement snacks.

Up your fiber intake.

Get off low fat or lite foods and get some animal fat in your diet.

Fat is good, processed sugar is bad

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Obviously you should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.
But here’s my opinion. How much water do you drink? Sometimes our body confuses hunger with dehydration because it triggers the same way. Our body is supposed to be at the minimum 45% water for women. Most of us are 20-30%. You could actually be thirsty. Drink as close to a gallon per day as you can. At the very least 3 liters. The nausea I definitely feel like it could be diabetic related. Your sugar is most likely too high so you constantly want to eat, or it could dip low if you wait too long or skip meals. You should also get checked for vitamin deficiency. If you aren’t talking a multi-vitamin, you should start. If we aren’t getting enough of the vitamin our body needs… it is constantly sending the signal for it. Which is also the hunger signal. Most every one is vitamin D deficient(from what my doctor told me) and that keeps us from absorbing the vitamins and minerals we do get from food that we need. But since a majority of us have bad eating habits, we rarely get what our body requires. I would start with the water intake and vitamins and get a diabetic meter to monitor. Give it about 4 weeks total but I imagine you should feel a change in the first 2 weeks.


You should see your Dr to rule out any medical issues. But it sounds like your body needs to reset a bit. You need to retrain your mind and your stomach. Stop eating large meals. Instead eat small " HEALTHY" snacks every couple of hours. No juice, no pop, no sugary or high bad fat snacks.
Stick to fruit, veggies, lean meats and water.
Go on Pinterest and you can find a billion great ideas for healthy eating.

And hydrate :relaxed: you probably need more water

Have you been tested for diabetes

Pregnancy… Lol
I am and this happens to me. It’s when my sugar is lower and I need to eat something.

Also. You NEED to eat. Starving your body doesn’t help loose weight. Eat small meals like 8, 1, 5-6.
Then a small snack 2 hours after each meal. Like a string cheese or hardboiled egg. A fruit or a yogurt.
It keeps your metabolism going all day which will help. And drink plenty of water.

I just had cancer surgery. I felt the same way. Not saying that you have it but see a doctor.

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Some medicine can cause this.

Snack all day! Healthy snacks. I do PLAIN yogurt with fruit (not the yogurt with all that sugar), veggie sticks, peppers dipped in hummus yum yum, etc.

I would talk to your doctor about CVS. look it up and see if you have symptoms

Fiber you aren’t consuming enough