Why do I get sick after eating?

Every time I eat something like an hour later I get nauseous and feel like I’m going to pass out, for maybe like an hour or so. It doesn’t matter when I eat or what I eat it’s always like an hour later I feel awful.


Could be gallbladder or anxiety or a ton of other things. Gotta go get it checked out to figure out what’s going on unfortunately.

Could you be possibly pregnant?

Medication can also cause that issue along with any number of underlying causes. Definitely go see a doctor.

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I felt like that before. Ended up being my gallbladder.


Have you checked your sugar?

Do you suffer from gallstones?

This happened to me, I had a hernia

This could be any number of things. Mine was colitis/Crohn’s

Go to Dr. If they can’t diagnose you ask them to look into (you can Google it as well) H Pylori.

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What does the doctor say?

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You need to see a gastro dr


What do you eat? Do you drink plenty of water? Do you :poop: every day?

This is definitely a question for your doctor.

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I had severe Colitis back in 2011 and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. Ever since then I would get nausea after eating or I would have to run to the bathroom for a nasty number 2 half an hour later for an hr or more. My Dr’s think I developed Crohns Disease. If you’re not pregnant I would schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Ask if they can give you a referral to see a gastroenterologist. In the meantime try drinking some protein shakes. Make sure they are ice cold and try little sips over the course of an hour with a straw.

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I too often ( everyday stomach ach)

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have you seen a GI doctor?

I had the same thing had low vite b12 and low cortisol

Mine turned out to be food allergies

Sounds like gasteoparesis. You can look up simple diet changes for it and/or you can set up an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

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I would make an appointment with your dr. And while waiting for that , keep a log of your symptoms

I was doing that and my problem was I was a diabetic and didn’t know it.

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Could be any number of things . I would see a doctor ASAP it isn’t normal for sure


I suffered for almost 2 years. Lost alot of weight. I had my gallbladder taken out. Was told it was my pancreas, took meds. Didn’t help at all. Dr finally discovered I had 3 blocked arteries that supplies blood to your digestive system. Mesenteric ischemia. I liked to have died before it was discovered. I had to have grafts on two arteries. My doctor said I was a miracle. I pray you don’t have that but have a gastroenterologist do an ultrasound to check blood flow.


I’d definitely get your gallbladder checked. But this seems more like a medical professional question than a Fb question.


That happened to me, turned out I had a brain cyst causing mass effect on surrounding areas. Best thing to do is have a doc check you out to be sure since lots of things can cause that.


Sounds like peptic ulcer disease which is caused by H. Pylori bacteria. Please see your doctor. This isn’t normal, and can turn into sepsis if this is indeed what you are dealing with.

Don’t try to diagnose yourself. It’s probably something simple, but you need to be sure you are not neglecting signs of something that really needs treating by a doctor.


Is it every time?
Try keeping a food journal, what you eat, time, quantity and how you felt 30-60-90 minutes after.
It could be a food sensitivity, GERD, H. Pylori, ulcer, Chrohn’s, IBD, etc.

Could be a glucose issue, the thing about passing out makes me wonder if your insulin levels aren’t balancing you.

Might be worth getting a machine and tracking your blood sugar for a while.


You need a EGD to ck for an obstruction or Cancer. That is an symptom of both.

Go to the Dr, ask for a GI specialist, only a Dr can answer this. Too much misinformation on the internet.

That’s probably a question for your doctor because there can be so many reasons for this.

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Had to stop reading comments because of aniexty!


I’m an RN and this could be as simple as GERD or as serious as cancer. You need diagnostic testing to determine the cause. If you said it was after high fat or high sugar foods, I would say gallbladder but since it’s after eating anything, you need some tests run.


That happened to me for years. Finally went to a specialist because I thought it was my gallbladder. They found that I had a bunch of ulcers at the top of my stomach

Not the same but if I eat something sweet, I feel so sick. I have to eat something salty like a chip afterwards. I like sweets but it’s not worth the feeling I feel

Call your Dr momma♥️ prayers that you get it all figured out.

Get ur gallbladder checked

It could be so many things. I would seek your Dr for testing. It could be diabetes, gall bladder, to hormones being off, thyroid, allergies… so many things… I would start by writing down /or logging /keeping track what you eat & drink… and note how you feel and if you get that feeling after each or different things you eat.

Please go see a doctor as this could be anything. Good luck and hope they can find what it is and so you don’t feel like this anymore.

If you smoke weed it could be CHS

Check your sugar when that happens. You may be diabetic. Also have your A1c checked

Call your doctor or go to emergency room!

Better go to the doctor. There is obviously something wrong

Could be your gallbladder has stopped working. You will have to request a hydascan to check for that though.

Best to ask a physician and not Facebook.

Ho see a Dr fool why ask such stupid questions

Just went to the doctor for the same thing but I don’t know why and I wish I could tell you because it’s awful everything you eat you throw up.

Sounds very concerning… you should probably consult a doctor instead of facebook!

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