Why do I get so much dust under my bed?

I’m not sure if this is even possible, but does anyone know how to stop getting so much dust under the beds we have been dealing with so much lately . I have vacuumed and mopped, but it seems like we’re getting even more.


Use water and vinegar most cleaning agents if not take off floors properly can cause dust to stick! Make sure your air filters are changed or try different brands

The more u clean the dirtier it will become leave it for a week then clean again also air the room (open the window slightly throughout the day)

Use a dust ruffle on top of the box springs…keeps dust out

Change your furnace filter

Bed skirts are super helpful for this. Not only does it help keep dust and hair from getting under the bed, but it also kind of hides it so you don’t notice it as much. Some rooms are just set up to push the dust right where you don’t want it. None of the beds in my house have skirts- my room has 2 people and 2 dogs and an intake vent and I have to clean under the bed once a month for dog hair. My oldest son’s room is just him and has 2 normal vents and I feel like the moment I clean under his bed there is more dust :woman_facepalming:. My youngest is just him with one vent and a large area rug and the only time I ever clean behind his bed is when we pull it out to get the toys that have rolled back there and dust is barely noticeable.

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We do too, we have one of those robots that gets under there which saves me!!! But we also have two dogs that sleep w us so that doesn’t help :slight_smile: