Why do I have pain while breastfeeding?

Seeking advice on pain while breastfeeding.

I’ve been breastfeeding my daughter for 8 months now, she had thrush at the beginning which was very painful for about 2 months, started getting teeth at 4 months, first bottom 2 teeth, now she has 4 up top as well, she tends to scrape when she unlatches, just wondering if any moms have advice for the pain, it’s nowhere near as bad as the pain from thrush but just enough to irritate, she got done nursing a half hour ago and they are still sore… Pumping is not an option, she’s breastfed exclusively, thank you in advance.


Maybe tap her on the mouth and say no. And pull her off when she does it. She should understand what you’re talking about if u do that every time. Also how do you not pump? 8 months old shouldn’t be eating off you that much. They should be getting baby food and cereal. Not being rude but I couldn’t image not pumping. My boobs used to get so full when my daughter got to that age cause she didn’t breastfeed that much since she got other things to fill her up.

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Breastfed exclusively can still involve pumping and bottle feedings. My daughter breastfed until she was 9 months old at which time she bit me one day and I almost dropped her. I pumped and she still still had breast milk to drink, but we did place her on baby food and then solid foods between 6 months and 8 months. It was recommended by our pediatrician to start her and I’m glad we did. She has been introduced to so many foods and she isn’t a picky eater! My breasts also filled up when she was sleeping and when she started solids. But they can’t help but to scrape at times bc of their teeth. I’d ice pack and warm wash cloth mine at times when she scrapped, but I didn’t discipline her. Then she associates breastfeeding in a negative way. You’ll have to find a way to work around or with her teeth. She is a growing girl. Soon she’ll have more teeth than your breasts may be able to handle. Good luck!


Nipple sheild. Like $3 at any grocery store.

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Update on the post from seeing recent comments: baby does eat baby food, but still gets the majority of her nutrition from breast milk, we also breastfeed on demand.

Understand I’m going to have to deal with it, just asking for advice for the pain

It’s probably a poor latch. No matter how much you nurse it shouldn’t hurt. One of my kids nursed till 2 but like 1x a day after he started solids but never hurt.

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Just to help the point across… She’s not asking for advice on how to feed her baby, she asking for advice on nipple pain relief, please stick to the advice she’s asking for.

Lanolin is like magic in a tube

My son is 9 months old and has 8 teeth. He pulled and dragged his teeth with detaching. He will nurse until he falls asleep then i use my finger to open his mouth and allow space for my nipple to come out without scraping his teeth.
I’ve used little ice packs for pain and Lanolin if needed for any little cuts

Nipple ointment always helped me. The medela brand. Works great!

I’m thinking u need to control the Teething part.

  • Sugar free popsicles
  • cold fruit ect.
  • infant Tylenol
    Might be using u as a teether when Breastfeeding. And also Breastfeed when really needed.
    I stopped Breastfeeding when my Boys where one and a half, around the time all those shark teeth are out. #GOODluck

My daughter used to do the same when she unlatched when she’s done nursing of falls asleep nursing use your finger to break her seal on the nipple by sliding your finger in-between boob and lips so she opens instead on scraps I promise it works!

Time to stop ? I stopped at 6 months for that reason. Solids and whole milk