Why do I have to be the biggest fear to drive a car?!

My hubby bought me a car to use and i cant even have the guts to drive im scared, how do yall mamas do it ??


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why do I have to be the biggest fear to drive a car?!

I was like that for 3/4 months after giving birth I finally broke my fears bc I had to take him to the doctors appts and places no one else I could always count on but myself

My biological mother who is like 40 refuses to get her license because she’s to scared to drive. She’s never even tried to even overcome that fear. She takes the city bus everywhere. I don’t know how she does it. You just have to overcome that fear. Go for a drive in a small town and side roads to get comfortable. Then when it’s time to be in a bigger city have someone with you so you’re not alone until you’re use to driving. It’s really not that bad. I got in an accident a month ago totaled my brand new car. I was scared. I didn’t drive for a week. But realized I didn’t have a choice because my kids had places to be and so did I. :rofl: now I don’t even think about it. I’m just more alert and probably use my brakes more than I should. :joy:

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I taught myself how to drive with a newborn baby crying it’s head off in the backseat in its car seat cause we needed formula n I went down the street 10 mph & parked far away from other ppl

Start out by driving short distances in the area where you live (even if its just around the block), as you become more comfortable you will want to branch out farther distances


Just think of all the places you can go & how independent you will feel :slight_smile: get into the car & get your fear on you will feel so much better once you do the first bit of driving :red_car: beep beep all the way!!! :slight_smile: you can do it !!

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I’ve been terrified of driving for over 10 years lol I just started learning last year.

Take backways. They’re usually calmer and can be found through Google maps. I also park in the back because I still suck.

I’m not saying this to be harsh but I think you may need to talk to a psychiatrist. If your anxiety is interfering with your ability to do everyday mundane things, then it really needs to be addressed by a professional.

Next to that, I don’t know what kind of area you live in but take small trips alone, like to the grocery store or something like that to help build your confidence in yourself


I have this fear also. Don’t know what exactly is it but i just can’t do it. I know other people can’t understand!


Maybe take driving lessons in the car with a professional


I didn’t finally Crack and get over my fear of driving until right after I had my second baby and was tired of being stuck at home with the kids on maternity leave while hubby was at work

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to drive…
That don’t make something wrong with her…
Different ppl fear different things it’s not a big deal!
I drive in my area but I will not drive on interstate or any where like that.
So ,if I lived in a big city then I’d prefer a bus…
Ppl that are scared to drive could actually be a danger to others ,so it’d be best not to drive…


Grab your coffee and go sit in it for a few minutes. Familiarise yourself with the inside. Listen to your favourite music
Start it up and run through the gears /lights etc
Pull out the drive and back in
Drive round the block
Take it as slowly as you need to build your confidence. Not everyone is made to drive . If you can’t do it dont stress…but think of all the places you can go if you do


To those acting like this isn’t a real fear. Please move on, don’t even comment. I’ve been driving since I was 16. I’m 25 now, April of 2019 my mother who was 39 years old was in car wreck that took her life. Driving is scary. It took months for me to drive again and not have that fear of “what If I never return home” every time I locked my front door to go somewhere. I’m sorry your having this fear. Start out by driving a short distance even just pulling out the drive way, driving on your street. Drive as slow as you need take your time :two_hearts:


I have the same issue. I’m 30 and never got my license because I’m terrified to be behind the wheel of a car.


My daughter also has this problem! She currently walks.

My anxiety was just a part of a lack of confidence in my ability to drive said car. Maybe Face your fears and do it safely by starting small like offering to drive short distances but with a passenger who is comfortable helping you through it.

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I have this fear also and I’m 35 never had my license

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I literally just got my license in March and I’m 31. I knew how to drive, and had a permit for 9 years but was having the same feelings. I paid for driving classes to reassure myself, and after 3 I was comfortable enough to take the leap and get my DL! I have yet to gave me fears of driving the hwy, but I’ll get there! You got this!

Driving short distances really helped too! I would start with around the block a few times and expand from there!


I didn’t drive for a very long time. You have to MAKE yourself do it. Pick a time that traffic is slow. Drive every single day, eventually it’ll be nothing but a thing. I promise you can do it!! Lots of luck, been there and done that.

Wait until a holiday and practice by driving in the parking lot of a local school. You can practice turns and parking, stops and starts.

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I dont drive

I am 32 I have anxiety behind the wheel

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Omg. Me here! I feel helpless.

I got my license at 17 then got in an accident and just stared driving less and less then when I became pregnant and gave birth I just stopped driving all together. My advice is to drive when you feel comfortable and maybe do it on your free time so you don’t have to worry about driving with your little one in the car ((: :heart: best of luck loves


I’ve just been in a big crash and my car got flipped and rolled I had to escape out the windscreen. Granted I’ve been bruised and got some serious whiplash going on but, I can’t stand not having a car of my own and having to borrow one I need a new car. Don’t know how anyone’s scared to drive like it’s a nightmare not having my own car. I was driving the day after. You just need to get behind the wheel and go for it. Get yourself some extra lessons to boost confidence.

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This is going to sound silly but try playing video games. A lot of the fear that comes from driving is feeling like you can’t distinguish relevant from irrelevant stimuli, which makes you hyperfocus on everything. Playing certain video games can help you learn how to make those distinctions. (1st person shooters tend to do that but RPGs can be helpful as well)


I have the same fear but got my license & still make myself drive although my anxiety is through the roof when doing so.


Not having independence would be fearful.


I had the same problem many years ago. I was so scared when the car started to move I would step on the brake put it in park and shut it off. It was shear panic. It wasn’t until after my 3rd child was born that I just one day got tired of having to find people to drive me around. I had also decided I didn’t like being dependent on my now ex husband. I had him drive out of town and get out of my mom’s Ford bronco. He got out and I slid into the driver’s seat and closed the driver’s door. Told him to either get in the passenger seat or walk home. He got in and I drove down some country roads before returning to our home. The next day I went to get my temps and 6 months later took my road test and passed. I was 20 yrs old. Now I drive everywhere. I’ve been to 8 states over the past 6 yrs.

I’m 27 and I just got my permit in June and I just got my license in September. I currently do Uber eats and GrubHub so I am driving quite a bit. I will admit at first getting behind the wheel was very scary but it is something that with more exposure and time, most of us can get over that fear. Just take one day at a time and it will come to you naturally like it did for me. Driving can be very intimidating but with patience and practice with you will be able to do it no problem. Just watch out for drivers on the road as always!

At first behind the wheel is scary, find a friend that will help you learn, starting in a parking lot or a back road can be helpful just to learn your way around a vehicle, honestly even taking a driving course, boost your confidence behind the wheel, it’s really not hard when you get the hand of it the freedoms gained will be well worth it!

start small. back it all the way out and back in again once daily. after a week or two drive it around the block and park it again once daily. next time take the kids to the closest park. grocery store. gas station.

Ahh I LOVE driving!!! I can’t imagine not driving. Look around and enroll in a driver’s Ed class. Learn your vehicle. Take a defensive driving class. I’ve driven a 5 speed most of my driving life from 17 now at 35. Its just practice.

Im 31 provisional since 2011 wont ever have the balls 2 do it never tax insured or drove a car with out an instructer 22 professional lessons i regret it every day 3 kids at home

I didn’t get my license until I was 23 I’m 28 now! Tbh I was mad and decided I just didn’t care drove on highway pouring down rain drove 2 hours! It took me about a year to get some what comfy I still have bad anxiety some days!

I was in a really bad car accident when I was 5 and I feared driving I didn’t get my licenses until I was 24 just because I had so much fear. But now I’m 26 without no problem driving. Practice with someone calm my auntie taught me and was so calm about it. And eventually I learned how to drive and even get on the freeway. Practice as much as you can it helps.

I didn’t start driving til I was 28 years old. I had a huge fear/ anxiety about it and really also had no one to teach me because everyone worked full time jobs including myself. When covid first hit my job shut down and I used my first stimulus check to pay for driving school and finally got my license. I promise once you do it, it will seem so easy and like no big deal, plus the independence to be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want without relying on someone to get you there is the best. My advice is do driving school they are trained to teach people how to drive and are very patient. However they will make you drive right away, my first class I thought would take place in a parking lot or something but it did not it was the main road with other cars but I did it and so can you. :blush:

Finally good to know I’m not the only one lol. I started driving at 28, I’m 29 :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’d take the car around the corner to the store once a month before actually driving cause I was soooo scared but I finally did it! And wow how did I not drive for so long. Been driving for a year now & it’s such an independent feeling no more waiting on the husband to take me grocery shopping or to the kids dr appts. Start small streets first, then the freeway one or two exits. You can do it!

Laura Kelly did you write this​:joy::joy:

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Sometimes driving isn’t for everyone :woman_shrugging:t5:. My girlfriend is 35 and has the worst anxiety when driving. She manages to get around very easily with the bus and Uber