Why do kids lick everything?

So, I know it is nothing to worry about, but my child constantly has her tongue out of her mouth!
I know babies put everything in their mouth, which she does, but her sticking her tongue out all the time is just crazy to me!
Is it just my daughter being a weirdo (which I love) or is there something to worry about?

Please note when she was younger, around 3 months she had thrush pretty bad. Took a good week to go away. She is now 6 months old.


Just a new thing they learn! My daughter is 6 months also.


My 7 month old does this all the time. It’s a new body part she discovered and is playing

my 16 month old does it all the time and has since she was 6 months old. perfectly normal.

Nothing to worry about, the tongue is just another way that they explore the world.

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My son has his tongue out all the time and he’s 7 months! We call it a turtle tongue because that’s about how far out he sticks it :joy:


My granddaughter rarely has her tongue inside her mouth. In fact I think she was born with it outside…lmao

Enjoy this stage, it’s super cute


It’s just a fun thing to do.

Almost 11 months and been doing it since birth :joy:


So does my 6 month old :joy:

My daughters both started sticking their tongues out very early…like within the first week. I was told it’s an old wives tale that if a baby sticks their tongue out it’s because they are wanting to taste what you craved during pregnancy. Giving them a taste Worked both times for me. Not to say they didn’t still do it some or so it to be funny but not like they did.

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My six month old does that all the time! It’s so cute!!


My daughter was diagnosed with beckwith wiedemann syndrome at 2 months old and one of the symptoms was macroglossia (enlarged tongue) she was 6 weeks premature , had low blood sugar at birth, the stork bite above her lip ( the red mark) and she was larger compared to her twin. She always had her tongue out because it wouldn’t fit in her mouth.

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Did you take anti nausea medication read the side effects that happened to my granddaughter it last for about a year

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My daughter does it since ultrasounds, she’s going to be one year and still does it

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My niece always has that tongue out, it’s just their thing

She may be feeling the changes in her gums as teething is happening. No big deal it’s just a stage.


Could be nothing but also could be sign of tongue thrust/ tongue tie. Some require surgery for proper speech. It’s worth looking into. Easily checked by most pedi dentists especially if it lasts longer than the first year!

I love these cute baby pics! I’m sure it’s nothing, but if it bothers you I would ask your pediatrician at your next visit for peace of mind, I wouldn’t rush to the dr tho. I am sure its probably just new and trying to mock your mouth movements possibly or even teething, but even if it sounds silly, if you’re concerned it never hurts to double check.

My daughter does this her dad hates it. I dont have a picture of her sticking her tounge out though

Taken today! I was wondering the same thing!

My oldest daughter whos 10 now was like that. Shit she still does it now lol

My cousin did that and they found out his tonsils were HUGE and causing problems so they had them removed and when that happened he stopped sticking his tongue out. Doesn’t hurt to get tonsils checked

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She’s discovering! Nothing to worry about at all. Do the same thing even and twirl your tongue to. She’ll find that awesome.