Why do kids rock back and forth?

Need advice my 1yr old son rocks himself back and forth only in his hi chair really fast I tried putting pillows or blankets on the back of his head but he gets mad and removed them anyone else gone through this?


It’s called rocking syndrome. Some grow out of it some dont. My son does it and have since he was old enough to set up by himself

My oldest did this. He finally grew out of it around 5 years old. All we did was try to protect his head when he would do it against harder surfaces. It’s hereditary on dads side of the family.

My son does it. I did it.

Is his vision alright?
Visually impaired children rock to soothe a lot. My mom and uncle are both completley blind.

Consult your pediatrician. It can be the sign of multiple things. Best of luck momma

My son did it, and he’s stopped. He’s a yr and 5 months now.

Sounds autistic have him tested

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Autism can’t be properly diagnosed until age 2-2.5.

My daughter did that a few times around that age, I just let her do it because I knew she wouldn’t hurt herself. Sometimes making a big deal about a behavior will make it worse.

All my girls did it they didn’t really like the hi chair

My mom did it, I did it, my daughter did it. We all grew out of it eventually.

Maybe he’s just trying to tell you he’s excited about eating.

I put my son in a low back chair the kind that clip on to your dining chair. It helped alot