Why do my joints dislocate?

My joints keep dislocating. First my elbow. Then my hip. Both within 3 days of each other. Im scheduled for an mri but does anyone knows what causes this? Some kind of deficiency? Im only 30 :cold_sweat:

It could be ehlers danlo syndrome.


I have a patient who has it.

I was going to suggest ehlors danlos too

I was also going to ask if you have Ed’s

I have the same problem and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It’s a genetic disorder

Okay now im scared. Lol thats for all your input

I feel so bad for you, I know that’s extremely painful. I had a slip n fall,dislocated shoulder that left me in tears from the pain,DR, at ER, slowly got it back in place.

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Sometimes it happens to me but that’s because I am double jointed in all my joints and have hypertension in al of them to so I cant be too much help but I feel the pain your going through. I Feel bad