Why do my kids get sick when I visit my parents?

It never fails every time we visit my parents(my kids grandparents) at their home our toddlers get sick. Sometimes it’s just a cough that will last a day or 2 or they’ll get some sort of virus or something. They only live 40mins from us. I’m not sure if it’s the air quality in their home or something else. Also no one in the house is sick when we visit. The kids do not get sick when they come to our house and visit. Only at their house. Can anyone else relate? Or have any idea what could be causing it


Do they have pets? Or a lot of woods and grass around their house? Could be allergies or asthma or both.

Ar do they actually get sick or are they allergic to something at grandma , sounds more like allergies , or it could air quality

I found it was often stopping for bathroom breaks that caused it. Maybe time to disinfect the car too?

Allergies? Rhinonitis? My kids have asthma allergies rhinonitis and excema they will be fine then one thing will cause them to sneeze or cough. Then we are dealing with it for like a week.


They could have mold in the home ? They may need air purifiers.


Allergies do they like smoke in the home and maybe you don’t at your house

Are ur parents sick, maybe mold ?

Sounds like their home is sickly

Probably have mold somewhere in the house

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Is it possible they have mold?

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Mold? Is the house clean? Carpets can hold alot of dust ect…