Why do my toddlers feet smell?

My son just turned 2 years old last week and has smelly feet. I make sure to change his socks every morning and every evening thinking it might help. His feet are always moist when I take off his shoes, no matter what kind of socks he’s wearing. Thinking it might just be his shoes too tight, we have gone up a shoe size. Nothing works! I’m looking for any suggestions for home remedies. Please and Thank You.


I had to start putting foot powder in my son’s shoes bc he sweated so much and his feet stayed moist. Make sure he is only wearing 100% cotton socks they help so much.

Besides his feet, is he sweaty elsewhere? He may have a disorder, I’d get it checked out

My son had stinky feet at 6 months lol we wouldn’t put socks on him unless we were going out somewhere and we quit buying sleepers with feet. He’s 5 now and still gets stinky feet. Be consistent with foot soaks and don’t put socks on him unless he needs them

Baking soda in the shoes and cornstarch sprinkled in his socks


My toddler has the stinkiest, wettest feet I have ever seen, besides his daddy of course…I’ve found that letting him go barefoot as much as possible helped and wiping down his feet with a diaper wipe after I take his shoes and socks off helps.

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It’s probably genetic from one side or the other. Talk to his dr.

some kids just have sweaty feet. lol. my 2 year old can go days without socks/shoes and his feet still stink daily.

Baby powder works well for my boyfriends feet. His can stink up the whole house​:joy::joy::joy:

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Are you keeping him in socks all the time? At night? Feet need to air out or they get nasty

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My mom swears by soaking smelly feet in a warm bath with tea bags in it. Idk if it works but she says it does lol. Can’t hurt to try… I also agree with the comments above, letting him go without socks to air them out at least at night, and powder can both help. But I gotta tell ya… it only gets worse with age :joy: I have 3 boys (9,11,14) and boys can be stinky creatures! Especially if they are in sports! All we can do is our best to keep them clean and fresh lol. Good luck mama!

I sprayed peroxide on the feet and in their shoes. Allow the sprayed shoes to sit overnight to completely dry. It will kill all odor causing bacteria and fungus.

Powder…in shoes…my son was like that too…he’s 21 now plays Football in College still like this!

Gold bond baby powder

Bare feet and airy shoes.


Baking soda, cotton socks. Never barefoot in shoes, never rubber shoes,only leather sandals or shoes that breathe

Over active sweat glands maybe.

Put foot powder in his shoes- they’re prolly holding onto the foit stink. And lots of air when you can

Call his pediatrician

Put corn starch on his feet

You have a boy…they stink. lol. Get use to it…it only gets worse. My youngest was the same. It’s still the same and he just turned 9. Lol. Maybe try baby powder in his socks.


Stop making him wear socks so much


My granddaughter is same way.Make sure he wears a good shoes thats not vinyl.They seem to hold odor more.I have a spray nozzle screwed onto a 90% alchohol bottle and I spray the inside of her shoes every few days.It keeos odor out and I set them in the sun when possible.

100 percent cotton socks with no color


Crocs make the best sandals… keep him barefoot as much as possible ( it’s good for them in SO many ways anyway)

Is he wearing light color socks like white they got breathable socks also

My son smelly like bad smelly feet…I soak them in vinegar and water for ten minutes and it helped alot

Wash his feet every morning and every night

I would have his blood sugar checked


No socks at night/while in the house your probably making his feet sweat

Clean his toe jam!! Literally not kidding. If you keep in between his toes cleaner it helps a lot.

My daughter has my grandpas feet always hot so hers are stinky too. I was told and i tried it, and it works. A basin of warm water with about 10 tea bags in it. Have him soak his feet for about 10 mins. You might have to repeat a little while later.

Good cotton socks and you can try putting corn starch on his feet… works for my son who plays a lot of sports.

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Corn startch or no shoes.

My little guy has smelly feet too, I cover his feet in baby Lavander scented lotion when I absolutely have to put socks on his feet but like everyone else mentioned I keep him barefoot as much as possible.

Don’t make him wear socks 24/7

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My boy his was that way… But after awhile was ok.

I’ve gone through this with my son for years. I noticed this year that changing to white socks has made a huge difference. I would ruin his sneakers from washing them so much. I spray them at night with Lysol and powder his feet and let them air out as much as possible. But the white socks have helped tremendously. Try to get as much cotton as possible

Check his mineral balance!! Maybe low in zinc!!

Mazina with a bit of bicarb in socks. #winterstruggles. Let him go barefoot whenever possible.

Wash his shoes more often.

Sandals with straps not leather

I only put socks on my kids if theyre putting shoes on. Otherwise leave socks off. If its chilly in the house get him some slippers

Could be what kind of socks he’s wearing. Most socks these days especially the kid friendly kind with character prints an all are made of nylon polyester or have a very low cotton percentage. My kids had this issue also which was quickly cured by 100% cotton socks which unfortunately can be more expensive but worth it! Or try to buy socks with as high of a percentage cotton you can find.

Please take the advice above seriously, get his blood sugar checked.

If he gets sweaty hands too, i only ask because i knew someone who had a condition that was overactive sweat glands. i would get him checked out just to be on the safe side x

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Put corn starch in his shoes… best stuff you will ever use and has no smell

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Also only cotton socks

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I don’t see this mentioned. Ask your pediatrician about natural foot odor remedies. There’s a salt based spray, like the salt-based underarm deodorant, that might help, but, I would say I, too, am concerned he might have some type of imbalance. Ask the pediatrician about it.

Cotton all the way and put a slice of lemon between his toes it helps a lot

Let them breathe. Bare feet as much as possible.

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Maybe washing them will help!

My baby is 6months and has had this since he was born. Hes as healthy as can be.

Spray bottom of feet with rubbing alcohol and let dry and spray shoes as well

And make sure he is getting enough time without shoes or socks to allow his feet to get air.

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If he’s wearing colored socks then that could be it try solid white socks cause sometimes the dyes in socks can cause a bad smell

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Um… some little boys have stinky feet. You may be out of luck. Out of our 4 one has had stinky feet as long as I can remember, and he rarely wears shoes.

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They have socks to keep the feet Dri , you cqn buy them in famouse footwear

Its a lack of a certain enzyme. My kids dad is the same way. If u can research it and find out how to replace that enzyme in a 2yo it may help.

Get a large container, fill with 5 or so black tea bags and water. Soak his feet for 30 min. It is supposed to kill the bacteria that causes the stinky feet. Do this each evening for a few days. Although I don’t know how you will get a 2 year old to do this We did it with my daughter and it worked but she was older.

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I’m 49 and I have always always had smelly clammy feet. Even when I was a tyke. Sometimes it just is how it is

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My older daughter has to wear leather shoes, because of stinky feet.

Dont keep socks on him 24/7…


Baking soda and water

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I have a 4 month old and ever since birth his feet smell like a faint vinegar smell sometimes natural odors like that happen, let him have time without socks and just maintain cleanliness he might have an odor his whole life, mine are the same as my sons and I’m very clean and pretty ocd about foot care, gross feet are a huge pet peeve of mine so girl just deal the best way possible don’t use rubbing alcohol it will dry the skin then you’ll deal with itchy, dry feet peeling everywhere with an odor. Get some foot care products that are safe for kids, if at home let him go sock less and don’t spend too much time worrying unless it’s making you gag, take him to the doc and see if it’s medical otherwise it’s just a natural odor

Tea Tree oil? Pumice stone to wash with? It could be dead skin cells that is causing the oder.

My 5 yr has very sweaty feet since she was a baby n she loved to be in a pull up n barefooted. And her feet would still smell n sweat . n id be washing n wiping her feet forever i ve even put powder on her feet in the shoes n still till this day nothing still stinky …

What about spray deodorant on his feet before putting shoes and socks on for the day?

Rub clear deodorant on the bottom of his feet. Then put socks on. That’s what my grandma always told me.

Let him go without socks and shoes while at home inside. Get sandals for the summer so his feet can breathe. See if that helps. Wearing socks almost 24/7 will make anyone’s feet stink

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Try washing his feet in vinegar

Let his feet breathe. They don’t always need to be covered. I’ve a very very clean person but I know if my feet were always covered they’d get smelly and I’d be hot. And after showers/baths use coconut oil on his feet. Hope this helps :blush:

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If his shoes are cheap they smell worse

Talc in his socks before putting them on may help…

All 3 of my kids don’t wear socks or shoes unless we are going out , when I have air max on my wee boy his feet get really sweaty and smell noting to do with them being to small on him or anything , try thinner socks or talc in them

My 4 yr old was like this she had athletes foot. We got a cream from the docotr and they told us to air all shoes try not to use the same pair to often and spray the shoes with a tiny bit of anti bac every other day. Make sure feet are dried properly after a bath and no shoes in the house or socks to bed.

Maybe his feet are just hot

My son has the worlds sweatiest feet. I put foot powder in his shoes. Keeps his feet cool and no more stinking! Lol his feet always smell minty. He calls it his " magic foot powder "