Why do older kids thumb suck?

Does anyone else have an older child that is still thumb sucking


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why do older kids thumb suck?

Natures substitute for our mothers breasts. The cause is mental.

My daughter sucks on her pointer finger and she is 11. She has done that since 2.

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I have a neice who is in her 40s who still sucks her thumb and also 3 year old grandbaby does

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I did until i was 12 lol

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When my daughter was 2, she had a sore on her thumb and her nose from the way she did it. Anywho, I put one little drop of the stop bite stuff on it to “make it better”, but she couldn’t put it in her mouth. She popped it I’m twice, and she was done :slight_smile: good luck!!

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My 20 yo son,sucked his thumb until he went into the Marines(he was 19)

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My oldest was a thumb sucker. he finally stopped at 5/5.5 years old (he’s 7 now)

I tried everything to help him stop. but he needed to do it on his own.
it was a comfort thing.
if he was busy he never sucked. but but the second he stopped and relaxed, the thumb was in his mouth as Comfort

It’s soothing their nerves. Maybe they have anxiety.

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It’s a soothing mechanism that stays with them​:woman_shrugging: I was a thumb sucker(when going to bed) my mom never stopped it, I stopped on my own but as an adult I notice I put my thumb knuckle in my mouth to stop from grinding my teeth in my sleep! Not sure if that’s why I did it when I was little or what​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I have a cousin that does it when they’re bored. I do it on occasions, really stressful situation like; car accident, house fire, etc

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Sone adults still doing it

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My son had severe aspiration as a baby. He ended up fed only with a feeding tube and we were told to let him suck his thumb or a binky so he wouldn’t lose full swallowing ability. Now he’s almost 12 and I CANNOT get him to stop and the doctors that encouraged this behavior won’t help me.

Mom did til late twenties…. Had to have teeth pulled for dentures quit during that time

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I did until I was 18 or 19, it’s soothing. :woman_shrugging:t2:


My 37 year old son still does . My brother did before he passed.


I was born with my pointer finger in my mouth and sucked my finger until I was in grade school and then the other kids made fun of me and I resorted to only doing it at night but then I eventually stopped. My dad tried everything to get me to stop. They’ll grow out of it.


I know ppl in their 30s that still do it


Most likely they’re sensory seeking

She asked about older kids but it’s grown ass adults saying they do :grimacing::nauseated_face: yikes on several fucking bikes

My cousin sucked her thumb at 18 years old

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My brother and cousin are in their 60’s and still suck their thumb. No big deal.

My daughter did until she started losing her baby teeth around age 6.

They weren’t breast fed enough as a baby.:rofl::woman_shrugging:


Correct that behavior


You get addicted, I did it until grade 3-4. I remember kids would make fun of me. It would relax me

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My biological mother is near 50 and still sucks her thumb. I wasn’t a thumb sucker but my sister was until grade school. My youngest children suck theirs. They are 2 and 4.

Habit. Same with biting nails. Sometimes it’s an ocd comfort thing.


If they did not do it at younger she’s, then possibly they are needing as a coping mechanism for a stressor?

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i did it until i was 31. im 34. i quit after my mom passed. my 3 year old sucks her thumb also. nothing has worked for her to get her to quit. she does it when tired, bored…


It’s a soothing and safety mechanism. Demanding they stop can cause anxiety so speak with a therapist about it and got them some help to get tools to address it.
I sucked my thumb until I was 12.


My baby daddy is 35 yrs old and STILL sucks his thumb :face_vomiting: glad I left that thumb sucker :rofl:

They do it for comfort. Bring it up to their dentist if you are concerned about it. My daughter sucked her thumb until she was 8. She stopped after the dentist told her that if she wasn’t able to stop, they have a device they can put in her mouth that makes it uncomfortable. My daughter didn’t want that and opted to stop by herself. For the first week, we put socks on her hands while she slept to help deter her from her thumbs. Since then, her teeth have straightened out a lot! She will still need braces eventually though because of the habit, but just stopping alone has helped her teeth tremendously.

For me, it is a comfort thing….tired or anxious. I will be 45 in 2 days and apparently suck my thumb in my sleep occasionally. I actively did it until I was 12 or 13 only around certain people and at home. I still have my blanket from when I was a baby too. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

I did until I was like 20 years old it was a comfort thing for me. My first child never did but omg my second sucks hers so much it takes the skin off


I had a friend who sucked her thumb until she was married - 24 yrs old.

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Security purposes and for soothing purposes and for comfort. Sucking your thumb is not always a bad thing yes doctor’s and society want to tell you that it’s wrong or bad to do but if there is underlining issues going on in the person’s life then don’t fault them for being different. Some adults may have a disability or a mind of a child that cause them to suck their thumb or fingers again don’t put them down for that. Focus on the real issues.

My 6 year old does. I’ve tried everything and it’s all failed. I gave up, she will stop when she’s ready.

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My Aunt does in her sleep and she is 54

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I had classmates who sucked their thumbs in first grade. The teacher had a small bottle of this vile tasting stuff she would put on their thumbs and they stopped.

i sucked my thumb until i was a teen. no other reason than comfort.

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My niece is 13 and still does. I think hers is more of a comfort thing from where her mother is in and out of her life.

I still do when I sleep 27 years old. Grew up in foster care. Was never taught to stop so it was always a comfort thing for me. Usually goes along with a favourite blanket.

Idk why. But there was a kid in middle school sucking his thumb all the time.

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My daughter is 5 and still avidly sucks.

Its confort. Habit no diff then having a blanket but it adjusts how your jaw developes and cost allot to fix when your an adult

When I got braces that all stopped my son was a thumb sucker then he had to get braces and he stopped

I have a friend that’s 42 and still sucks her thumb when she’s tired. My daughter did to she was a teen. It’s a comfort thing is what Dr told me

I sucked my thumb till about 9 yrs old…just a comfort thing I guess

My cousin sucked his thumb up till my uncle stuck his thumb in dog shit and made him suck it…no thumb suckin in my family…lol

I legit sucked my thumb until like 11. It was a comfort soothing thing .Then I got concerned about my teeth and stopped cold turkey. Iwas weird like that.

I sucked my thumb until I was probably 12yrs old, I didn’t understand it then but now I realize it was a method of self-soothing and calmed my adhd. It can also be a trauma related tactic to calm yourself/feel safe.
The worst thing anyone can do is point it out or tell the child to “stop.”

I stopped sucking my thumb at 18. I know someone who still sucks their thumb and he’s 30

My cousin is 37 yrs old and still sucks her thumb. Not as much but still does for comfort soothing and sometimes when she has troubles going to sleep

I still suck my thumb tbh :upside_down_face: I don’t know why but I like it and it don’t hurt nobody. for kids the only worry is their pallet and their teeth :grimacing:

My daughter messed up her teeth sucking her thumb 9yro still sucking her thumb. My 4.5yro son sucks his thumb too as well as my 1.5yro son…I am so frustrated, I just can’t break that habit for them. Tried a lot

26 almost 27 married and i still suck mines. Habit and soothing. Been sucking my thumb since i was a baby, my mom tried everything as i was getting older nun helped

I’m 36 this year and still thumb suck, mostly when tired or sat watching tv or something. Just a habit I’ve never managed to break, but I don’t see it as a problem. There are much worse habits to have!!!

Comfort habit. I sucked my finger until I was 12.

None of my kids sucked their finger

I know I was a thumb sucker. I know I sucked my thumb in my sleep as a teenager (mum has a picture). As an adult now, I’m unsure. I’m usually asleep after everyone in the house, and up before them in the morning. Now I’m curious about myself lol. Anyways, every kid is different. My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all had a way of trying to get me to stop. Nothing worked as a kid.