Why do people cancel on kids parties last minute?

Why must people always say they can’t come to parties last minute? I scheduled this literally months in advance for that reason… I understand some things happen but when people start canceling and canceling last minute when you spent so much money on a bigger cake, party favor, decorations, ect its very frustrating forsure… I just want my daughter to be spoiled with love on her special day… guess that’s too much to ask for. Don’t know if I’ll do a party next year. Of course all the people that cancel are the ones with kids too.


It’s always that way mama. Keep your head up and just give your daughter a day to remember!:hugs: she will remember who was there for her and who wasn’t. I’ve went through the same thing and eventually just stopped throwing a party for my kids and just started taking them out to do the things they like to do! It sucks because you do spend so much money etc and they just don’t show, but don’t let that bring you or your daughter down.


Because life happens.
Everything is warming up and sicknesses are definitely going around. Something might have came up that they cant leave to go to a party for. They aren’t mentally in a place to go. They are stuck at home. So many variables to answer this question. But all in all, life happens.


We are doing cake and ice cream with a couple friends then taking our 3 yr old to the zoo. She got to pick her “birthday adventure”.


I’m the one who cancels last minute, usually it’s because I’ve had family stuff happen, or my lo is not being behaved enough that I am comfortable bringing her anywhere, or the days have gotten away. I don’t do it to be malicious. One other reason I’ve not gone is because I feel so much shame if I can’t afford a gift, there have been time where the last 20 I have has to go to gas and I can’t afford to bring anything. I know, I know, people don’t actually care about that(at least I dont at my kids party) but I genuinely do.


Well doing it konths in advance people have life’s and things come up. And things can change. It sucks but it happens. Stay strong.


This is why I won’t do birthday parties. It’s expensive and nobody showed up except one kid so we make it a family day with fun things to do and a dance party. We have a lot of fun.

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We are doing a small adventure with a few close friends for our son this year… same amount of money probably but memories that will last a lifetime with good friends :heart:

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People get sick, kids get sick, things come up, people forget! Honestly there are a number of reasons, at least they canceled… but this is why I don’t do “birthday parties” do a dinner, do a trip, do breakfast, or movies, with just your kids and your family!


I don’t do birthday parties. We decided to give my son experiences rather than parties. Disney, Universal Studios, the seaquarium etc. No stress of planning and hosting a party (which I absolutely suck at) and we get to have fun as a family.

Party away but only invite loyal people

Just use the money for a trip or something family related in which you can have fun. I learned a long time ago that parties are not the way to go and then you are out all this money amd left with an abundance of food

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Because life happens, unexpected things happen, specially with kids , this time of the year is horrible with the weather/ temperatures changes .

I do not know your daughters age , but if she is at school, maybe next year you should do something at school with her classmates instead.
Or just take her and a friend to wherever place they want to go , make a cake with her and sing happy birthday with the people at your house.
You do not need a big party with a lot of people to make your daughter feel loved.
One day my daughter wakes up to her room full of balloons and a big happy birthday sign on her wall , she was very very happy.

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Sometimes life has plans that ppl cant see in advance


Because things happen. I just had to cancel on a kids party last week because my boyfriend ended up in the hospital almost dying…you can’t control what comes up and sometimes what comes up is more important than a party.


I have, my reasons are valid.

There’s more than one way to make your daughter “feel spoiled on her special day”. If you’re counting on others to do that then, you need to change that.

Take her for a spa day, or have her pick out an activity shes been wanting to do.

I understand it being frustrating to spend money on all those things and have it go to waste. However that doesn’t mean that other parents should for go what is best for their own family’s. They can’t foresee what’s going to happen when they get an invite that fare out.


My boys bday party was after school got out…literally only 2 kids from school came…thank goodness for family filled it with love n laughter…sending love momma :two_hearts:

Things happen, kids get sick, parents get sick. Unexpected things
Come up.

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They cancel because… Things happen. You just said it. No one is entitled to anyone’s time.

Happens to me too. This year we’re just taking my son and his best friend to King’s Island. Better to spend the money on that than a party hardly anyone shows up for.

I don’t do parties because about 25 people cancelled on the morning of. It’s not worth it. I rather just plan a trip out for my kiddies

I usually don’t know exactly what’s going on until a week before. I usually try to plan for things but months in advance honestly is worse for me. I’ll completely forget by then. Maybe sending reminder/rsvp like a week or 2 prior and make final plan and reservations ect then? Usually you can change cakes and stuff up to so many days prior

When someone invites you to a kid party I always show up unless a life emergency I’m that person

Life happens but if you do want her to feel special on her special day I would cancel the party and ask her teacher if you can have a “Lunch birthday party” there. When I was in 5th grade I had one and made goodie bags for my classmates and we ate pizza and cupcakes.

Because something came up? Ppl get sick, have emergencies, have vehicle problems, etc. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Because life happens? You as a parent should know this. Your attitude is rough and honestly I wouldn’t go to your party either. You seem like that mom that has to pay or scare people to hang out with your kid…

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After my first son’s birthday party I found out I I was a lot less disappointed when inviting only family (because that’s who showed up anyway) my baby’s 1st birthday just happened, I only invited family and my kids were surrounded by people who love them. Save yourself the disappointment (and your child) only invite family and close family friends or just take staycation trip🤷🏽‍♀️ stuff does happen, but alot of times on social media I see kids having no one show up for their day, and it sucks. I figure I’d save my kids the hurt feelings!

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Why don’t you just start a tradition for you and your daughter to do on her birthday

Sometimes stuff comes up, but mostly because people generally just suck. I’ve learned not to rely on or expect anything from anyone. Hope for the best, but expect the worst from people.